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  1. WOAH! How did you get those seats??? Random but yesterday I was planning a get together with my friend and I was telling her how I'm going to the Clapton/Beck show on Thursday and she said she had never heard of them. I mean, I can understand how she wouldn't know who Jeff Beck was but Eric Clapton??? Crazy lol.
  2. ooh I love Lilac Wine! Also Running on Faith, Tell the Truth, I Want to Take You Higher, can't wait! I'll be at the Plastic Ono Band show in Brooklyn too! I'm really only going to see Eric & Paul Simon idk how long I can watch Yoko "sing" before I burst out laughing...
  3. I'm going to the Thursday show! I've been trying to win tix to the Friday show but no luck yet.
  4. It's snowing here in NY! School was cancelled today and it is tomorrow too plus I have all of next week off!!!
  5. Mine is Physical Graffiti
  6. Yeah I live in NY and she's a dj for the local classic rock station here, Q1043.
  7. Damn, I wanna go. Well at least I get to see Clapton 2x and Beck next week!
  8. no but throw on a blond wig and he's robert...
  9. I thought they were fabulous, I don't get the people who are saying they were bad, they're 64 & 65 for cripes sake, what did you expect?? And Pete Townshend is "The Who" as far as I'm concerned...
  10. "Never Let Go" and "Lay You Down" by Hanson. I cry every time I hear either of them. The first is about a loved one dying of cancer and the second is about a father having to bury his child that has died from AIDS. SO SAD. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYWdaiND6hA
  11. Taylore


    fuckkkk i saw this too late and now i think they're sold out!
  12. Taylore


    The Grammy's are a joke.
  13. Ashton Kutcher just tweeted this: Hosting SNL on Feb 6 with musical guest Them Crooked Vultures. Could not be more excited. more to come Omg...I think I'm gonna camp out and try to get standby tix lol.
  14. Yoko Ono's Plastic Ono Band at Brooklyn Academy of Music 16 February; Event Features Original Members Eric Clapton and Klaus Voorman Plus Guests Yoko Ono, along with her son and co-producer, Sean Lennon, Haruomi Hosono, Yuka Honda and Cornelius (Keigo Oyamada, Naoki Shimizu and Yuko Araki) have revived the name and spirit of the Plastic Ono Band. On 16 February 2010, Yoko will perform at the Brooklyn Academy of Music with the “new” Plastic Ono Band, original members Eric Clapton and Klaus Voorman, and an impressive array of guests including Mark Ronson, Jim Keltner, Bette Middler, Paul Simon, Scissor Sisters and more. Tickets from the Brooklyn Academy of Music at BAM.ORG or by phoning 1-718-636-4100. Eric Clapton most famously appeared with the original Plastic Ono Band at the Rock 'N Roll Revival Festival in Toronto in on 13 September 1969 and again at the Lyceum Ballroom in London on 15 December 1969. Tracks recorded at these concerts were featured on the John Lennon / Yoko Ono / Plastic Ono Band albums "Live Peace In Toronto" and "Sometime In New York City." Yoko Ono’s new album, “Between My Head And The Sky” has met with much critical acclaim since its release in September 2009. Eric was also featured on her 1971 album, "Fly." The exact format of the concert is unknown at this time. source I ordered my tickets yesterday! Is anybody else here going to this?
  15. omg i was just watching this yesterday and was like "they are def lip/instrument synching" lol
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