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  1. Do you live in Tulsa? lol Anywho, I saw Levon Helm at Terminal 5 in Manhattan last Thursday.
  2. How the fuck did I not know TCV played NYC??? WTF!!!!! I always thought they skipped NYC when they played that string of east coast shows and I was pissed, I was going to go to Boston but it didn't work out. Wow, I cannot believe I missed this. fuckkkk
  3. Did you try the second set of links he posted? Because the first set didn't work for me but the second set did.
  4. Omgg, that is sooo awesome!!! When I was really little, probably around 5 or 6, my family and I were at Steve Weiss's house and I wasn't a Zeppelin fan at that age so I really did not care at all about this lol but my mom told me he was showing them all these photos he had of Zep and Bad Company and things of that nature. I'm so mad that I was too young to appreciate that back then!
  5. Wow ok, I didn't realize this thread was so old so sorry for bumping it lol. Anyway, I must be an idiot but who is Alison Plant? Is that Robert's sister?
  6. Not related to them but I used to have a connection to them through Steve Weiss, their attorney.
  7. Blonde. Naturally dirty blonde but I have highlights. I'm thinking about going brunette though, idk~
  8. I voted In the Light The Rover would be 2nd fave.
  9. Oh, you're not alone lol. I'm 18 and I've felt like I was born in the wrong generation since elementary school. My friends even tell me so lol
  10. I don't really remember some of the exact dates but here are 10 of the best shows I've seen in no particular order: Paul McCartney at Citifield which was in July of '09 Bruce Springsteen at Nassau Coliseum in May of '09 The Who at Nassau Coliseum in '07 Clapton/Winwood at MSG in February of '08 Clapton at Jones Beach in June of '08 Robert Plant at the Beacon Theatre in '05 Hanson at the Nokia Theatre in October of '08 Ringo Starr & his All Star Band (inc. Edgar Winter & Billy Squier) at the Capital One Bank Theatre in Westbury in '06 The Who at the garden in '06 and the Stones, I've seen them twice but I was really young so I don't remember the exact dates, I just remember them being great shows lol.
  11. Yeah, those new links work for me! Thanks so much No1ZeppelinFan!!!
  12. Aww, I got all excited but when I click those links it says "Image not available"
  13. hahaha. I'm definitely not getting it if it's a grand, I can do $500 but anything more than that, idk. I was anticipating $300, $400 at most, jeez.
  14. I don't really understand the RNR Hall of Fame, why do they induct rappers before Rush, Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, etc. It's fucked up. I don't even think rap belongs in there...they shouldn't call it the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame if they're gonna induct rappers...it's basically free game for any kind of music lol. Idk, it just baffles me.
  15. Good Times, Bad Times A, I, Y, F, T, Y, C
  16. I usually prefer studio actually. Although I do think Four Sticks during the Page/Plant Unledded period is much better than the studio version.
  17. yeah, that one doesn't make sense...
  18. i'm pretty sure he screams "womaaan" and robert goes "ahh" because the guy did it too early lol
  19. I only have 2...Hammer of the Gods and Stairway to Heaven. I'm totally buying that Page autobiographical photo book though!
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