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  1. uhm... to all those who think Jimmy is not into this stuff anymore... Have you ever wondered why are 418 numbered copies and 93 signed copies of "Lucifer Rising..." going to be released? Gotta love that man
  2. Since when it's forbidden to comment on someone's statement?
  3. ...and with killing animals for fun! If I were Jimmy, I would be proud to be hated by such an inconsistent idiot.
  4. LedBee

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I tried to get some screenshot from the Live at Irvine Meadows '95 DVD... but that 's all I managed to come up with.
  5. LedBee

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Well, I don't know... IMO we should show more respect for those who say what they really think - even if we don't agree with them -, than for those who simply jump on the bandwagon of some political party or ideology only because it looks "cool" in some specific historical period. And it is a matter of fact that being conservative AND a rockstar in the 70's was not very common *sorry for the off-topic*
  6. love the vintage look of the last two pics ^___^
  7. LedBee

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Thanks I've just found out what Tories are ...on Wiki (I expect British conservatives to be better than Italian ones... )
  8. LedBee

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Great pics, Knebby! Never seen them before And oohh... those SilverFox ones... What about the Tory Rocker, btw?
  9. LedBee

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Oh my!!!! Aen, where did you find these two?? O__O Everytime I think I've seen every single Jimmy pic, here comes a new one, more stunning then ever!
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