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  1. Pretty sure this one is during Radioactive. Loved this song then, still love it now!
  2. Okay, let me preface by saying: You must have "Bootleg eyes" 😆 I was a 19 year old sophomore at ASU with a crap camera I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I was to see James Patrick Page live for the first time! We had a blast in the upper deck at the Tempe Activities Center this March night back in 1985. Thoroughly enjoyed this concert. This picture is definitely during WS/BMS. I'll post the second picture shortly.
  3. Bill Graham's men should have flown over to England after the no contest ruling in 1978 and beat the living daylights out of whoever between Grant, Bindon, Cole and Bonzo physically laid a hand upon Graham's man backstage who took the beating. What those guy(s) did to that man in that trailer backstage at Oakland in 1977, easily deserved the same punishment in return.
  4. Exactly two years apart and exactly the same result: Jimmy botches the solo badly in both songs: Oakland July 23, 1977 - Ten Years Gone Copenhagen July 23, 1979 - Misty Mountain Hop And, he makes amends on both songs, the next day at both shows.
  5. Another interesting aspect from reading this article, which was written less than a month before the actual Pop Fest Weekend: there's no mention at all of signing the Doors this late in the game for the Pop Fest. They must have been a last minute addition to the festival. Significant in that it turned out to be the only time the Zep and The Doors shared a bill.
  6. I think about two shows in particular, had the tour continued: Next scheduled show in New Orleans at the 80K sold out Superdome. Would have expected the Oakland resurgence to continue...New Orleans was a USA spiritual home for Zep as well. Would Bonzo play Over the Top? Does In My Time Of Dying make it's return to the set list? Does Heartbreaker return, in for TU? Extra encore due to the size of the crowd (Black Dog/It'll Be Me)? Chicago make up shows from April 9 - can't remember if it was scheduled for August 2 or August 3. Jimmy tells Circus magazine on April 10 he
  7. I'm sorry Strider, I mis-read your original post. Thanks for clarifying. I was thinking that there wasn't another time that I could remember where Plant sounded so bad at a first gig or two, coming off of any mid tour break, except for Seattle, then Tempe 1977. But I had never heard the 7/6/73 Chicago show up until a couple of weeks ago, which is why I mistakenly posted. So, outside of '73 and '77's third leg, I guess the only other mid tour break taken would be '75, where the band had only 11 days off, between the rescheduled St. Louis date and Houston, which we know that no recording ex
  8. I used to think this, until another Forum thread recently made me seek out Chicago 7/6/73...their first gig after you saw them 6/3/73. Boy, was Plant awful at this gig. In fact, I think he sounds better in the Seattle Kingdome show, versus this Chicago show.
  9. BUMP 40 Years Gone Today. Was hoping for a new picture from this concert to surface, on this 40th anniversary. Was hoping for a new soundboard of this show to surface, on this 40th anniversary. Was hoping for a new audience recording of this show to surface, at least of the first 7 songs that never made it to tape, on this 40th anniversary. And even Jimmy wouldn't talk about it on jp.com, On This Day (Okay, I get this one is a stretch ) Sigh...maybe someday we'll get more for this maligned concert (right Nutrocker?)
  10. Steve, What is the story behind Bonzo's Montreux in September 1976? Was Bonzo was there alone, and Jimmy later added his electronic treatments from his home studio for Coda, or was jimmy in Montreux with Bonzo? I wonder what inspired Bonzo to record this? Know all were tax exiles in 1976, think the Bonhams were in the South of France, so wondered why Bonzo made the trip to Switzerland, and the general story of recording this drum solo.
  11. Awesome Sam! Hopefully more pictures of this show will surface. And, keeping my fingers crossed, maybe someone will release Tempe's full concert recording, sometime during this 40th anniversary year of this show!
  12. That the surviving members completely dismiss In Through The Out Door as an album, even as an achievement: no O2 reunion attempts (unforgivable really) minimal live interpretations on solo tours (In The Evening really being the only song from that album to get played after Zep disbanded, primarily by Plant; small exceptions: 30 seconds worth of Carouselambra in the middle of ITE during Plant/Page 1995-6 tour and a one off attempt at Fool In The Rain by Plant and Pearl Jam). Nothing by Jimmy on his tours (Ourider even with Coverdale in Japan) nor Jonesy (thought for sure Jones
  13. Hi Steve, Two questions on the October 1972 Bombay Recording Sessions: 1. Why didn't Robert sing the lyrics on Four Sticks? 2. Did Jimmy and Robert consider recording any other Zep songs for this session besides Friends and Four Sticks? They had by that time, 5 recorded albums (even though Houses was in the can and not released until March '73, they played 5 of those 8 tracks on that album live by the time they got to this recording session). Thinking about 1994's reunion, and songs they played with that Orchestra, other options like Rain Song and Since I've Been Loving You coul
  14. Hi Steve, Don't think this one has been addressed before: why was Bonzo the only Zep member not to attend Richard Cole's wedding in September 1978? I think it might possibly be because he got in a car wreck and had broken ribs around that time? Thanks
  15. Either Montreux show from October 1972. Read these were rumored to be professionally recorded. Band was on top of their game that year, and the first show is 7 concert dates (post Japan) into their revamped set list.
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