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  1. my guess is it will be out on dvd for the xmas season.i think that this movie will make more money from dvd sales than it ever could in the theaters. i'm also shocked that there has'nt been a screener leaked out somewhere on the www.
  2. has'nt cozy popped the mortal coil now?he also played drums for black sabbath and with brian may some too did'nt he?
  3. when i got my 1st lp player in 1970s,the 1st lps i bought were all the zeppelin ones,same with cds,i got zeppelin 1st above anybody else.the internet has been a godsend to me,i have been able to collect most of the live shows out there and most all of the outakes as well.
  4. i would love to see a remaster and official release of the 75 earl's court shows and the 1979 knebworth shows,but since they are so heavily bootleged,i doubt it will happen.more likely maybe a mixed date release from the 1980 european last hurrah in europe.i would love to see them release a boxset with fully listed credits and all demos and alternate takes,practice,whatever you wish to call it.
  5. i think percy's voice sounded great on all the led zeppelin albums.there are some soundboards i have and heard in which his voice sounds shot,but that would be expected would'nt it?
  6. been a led zep freak longer than you guys have been around probably.not a big CPfan,even though he did play drums on RP's 2nd lp.led zeppelin will never be as long as bonzo remains dead!!!!!! jason would be the 1st to telll you that i bet.
  7. the 25th celebration of the rock and roll hall of fame is coming up on september 25th in cleveland. what better time for the greatest live band ever to reunite than then?i'm pretty sure jimmy page will take part in it somehow,whether bonham,jonesy,and percy take part is anybody's guess.it just would not be much of a show if they did'nt perform that night,in my view!!!
  8. NO X 10 TRILLION BILLION INFINITY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. i'd love to see pagey make an album with slash,jonesy,eddie vedder,and neil peart.that would be an awesome album.
  10. can't think which album it is ,but JOE B does an awesome version of'tea for one" on one of his releases.
  11. as for tributes,led zeppelin changed my life!just like a great friend,they have been there with me during the good and bad!they'll always be my fave band!!!
  12. i have a sboatload of tribute cds,and there was one that came out a few years back with different members of different mostly american bands that got together and made a really aqwesome sounding cover album.leon wilkerson,buck dharma,jack white,were all on it.great 2 cd set.
  13. i'd love to see them re release the earl's court show and the reunion show and soundchecks that i know have all been professionally recorded.it seems to me they pissed away a great chance to make money for the ertegen foundation by not releasing the concert on cd and dvd with in a month of the show!!!!!!
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