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  1. is there any way you can authenticate that is bonzo's signature on those pants?
  2. [b ] i think ALS is the best son the band ever wrote and i think it's easily one of the top 10 songs of all time.led zep's performance at knebworth was the best live performance live by a rock band ever.listen to the guitar,vocals,booming bass lines,and bonzos shotgun blasts on the drums if you think i'm wrong.if i were any a band,everytime i played a song i would stretch myself to try and play 1/4 the level they played that song at.it's just a thing of beauty plain and simple!!!
  3. during at least oneee or two nfl games every week,you hear a led zeppelin song usually rock n roll or WLL blastin on the stadium's PA system.
  4. if you think the grateful dead and led zeppelin and the dead were similar in anything you need to clean the pigeon shit out of your eyes and ears dude!
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