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    John Bonham is the Heart 'N' Soul of Led Zeppelin.

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    Inside The Blimp
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    The Led Zeppelin tribute band from Norway . . . "NEW ZEPPELIN"
    Born in '55
    14 in 1969

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  1. The Rover

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    Who knows... maybe 5 years from now, Robert & Jimmy will be giving an interview in Wembley like The Who did today in their 55th year:
  2. The Rover

    Aviation - Commerical & Military Videos

    If you have a 4K TV... this one is something. The detail you can see of each airplane's structure..
  3. This is a quality HD film:
  4. The Rover

    Presence Reiusse

    Maybe you're right about the bowler hat being '75. But sunglasses were cool in '77. I prefer the white dragon suit. Jimmy never wore the black dragon suit at any of the shows I attended, and that's okay...
  5. The Rover

    Beautiful Women

  6. The Rover

    Trains for Railfans

    Here's some more steam. I love the sounds of the steam engine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hSpgV2Swzc
  7. The Rover

    Trains for Railfans

    Here's more steam, this time from Colorado, the Durango & Silverton Mine Train...
  8. The Rover

    Trains for Railfans

    When you just need to chill... Steam Trains running today:
  9. The Rover

    Five Metal Albums That Blew Your Mind

    Sounds like Mick Jagger fronting the Yardbirds. I was never a Metalhead, but when I first heard this, it blew my mind:
  10. The Rover

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    So I signed up for Spotify. I liked the service. I deleted my Pandora account. So yeah, I made a compilation list, so that some newbie out there might see something beyond the Mothership or Early Days/Latter Days, or Crop Circlings. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2Z7MLIxeZnTDNl7AL3uGlO
  11. I made a list from the LZ e-mail to create your own custom 50th label. I chose 25: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2Z7MLIxeZnTDNl7AL3uGlO
  12. The Rover

    Zep Songs You Didn't Like, But You Like Now

    I didn't take to Carouselambra when it came out. I thought it was too long and boring. But, over time, I have mellowed, and I would love for this to be in any Zep concert that takes place in the future in place of anything, but Kashmir.
  13. The Rover

    Astronomy - Planets , Stars & Heavenly Bodies

    Jupiter Space Porn