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  1. Well the only difference i can tell from the pre-2007 CD and the post 2007-CD, when mixing in the missing sections, is that there's a tad more treble in the pre-2007 ones, sounds a tad more tinny. The only re-restoration i'd like is one which does not cut parts out, ideally not even for copyright reasons, as long as he credits the original authors of sections in the medley. Fixing parts by swapping in the same sections from different nights is alright if there's a major mistake, but no cuts please.
  2. Yeah, the high-pitched whine is even more noticable on the HQ Blu Ray audio version than any others.
  3. You mean the bit with The Crunge in it? I used the original pre-2007 CD for that, I haven't got the 2007 DVD. I had to use the pre-2007 NTSC DVD for the correct speed to fix the fill-in between Heartbreaker and Whole Lotta love, that was a bugger to import :grumble: I'm particularly proud of my work restoring the two cut-out keyboard interludes in No Quarter
  4. Well i've spliced together the missing bits on the blu-ray audio version from the video version. I am the splicing god yet again (I did this with TSRTS to restore the missing bits of No Quarter and Whole Lotta Love from the LP version to the Restored 2007 CD version, and that was a sucess too )
  5. Well if that's the case then why hasn't he removed all the banter? it's as if he's randomly cut bits out.
  6. Actually, i've just listened to it all now and i'm pretty pissed off with the blu-ray audio version. They've cut out a heck of a lot of on-stage talk between the songs that were left in on the video release. It's clear Jimmy can't resist fucking about with a perfectly good live set. I can understand altering stuff for mistakes or copyright etc, but he's got rid of pretty much all of Plant talking in between tracks, for no good reason. All I wanted was the audio on the video blu-ray in a higher quality, but no, it's been butchered with.
  7. What I don't understand is on the Blu-Ray audio only release, they've cut out parts of plant speaking in between songs, e.g. the "everybody nicks it" bit before trampled underfoot, yet they've left it in on the video release... How odd. I mean, it's only a few seconds, I don't see why they had to remove it on the audiophile's blu-ray version.
  8. Hi guys, joined the forum ages ago but never really did anything about it until now lol. Been into led zeppelin since mum bought be Song Remains The Same on DVD a few years ago. What i like about LZ is the way they were not afraid to try new stuff, and treated the genres they experimented with with Respect and enthusiasm.
  9. is watching the FIA GT3 Season finale on www.gt1live.tv!

  10. what about Badgeholders? (Yes i know its also a slang term for a groupie (i think))
  11. also that riff seems a more original part of the song.
  12. yeh ok is a bit of an overstatement. it was just a thought.
  13. I was listening to in my time of dying and i noticed that the riff just before the guitar solo, at around 4:57 - 5:06 is exactly the same as the guitar riff running right throughout (except for the churchy bit at the beginning, the riff starts @ 1:28-ish) Rock and Roll Preacher by Slade, on the Till Deaf Do Us Part album. It's even in the same key and everything. Since the Led Zep song came out first, am i right in assuming that Slade could have nicked it off of the Zep? plz comment.
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