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  1. Somehow this release slipped through without my noticing. Just grabbed it and, wow! This is one of my favorite shows and to hear this new back half (with Communication Breakdown!) is a revelation.
  2. That Vienna production is on par with Blueberry Hill, imo. It brings out things I'd not heard before, like the delay on Bonzo's drums on SIBLY, and makes a beautiful soundscape out of very good sources. I devoted an episode of my podcast to this release, so if you want to test drive this show you're welcome to give a listen. If you don't like/can't do bit torrent I have the show available for download on my site, http://www.heartofmarkness.com/led-zeppelin-vienna-1973/
  3. This upgrade is mindblowing. It's so good I featured it on my podcast, Heart of Markness. I also have a link to the complete show on my site, http://www.heartofmarkness.com/led-zeppelin-vienna-1973/ It's just incredible the job Nite Owl did.
  4. I"m sorry for not seeing this earlier. Six months late is pretty ridiculous, but if you're still interested here you are:
  5. I just revisited this show. It's great! My favorite Trampled Underfoot and Rain Song, for sure. I also love OTHAF. Bonzo sounds like he's leaned way back in a convertible, one arm on the wheel, the other on the door, just crusin'. In My Time of Dying is great, too. Kashmir is heavy af. Graeme's remaster of the already excellent soundboard brings life and breath to this recording. Love it! In fact I love it so much, it's going to be the topic of my next podcast. I'm glad I gave this another listen. :-) I will also post a link to the full show on my webpage, once the episode has been posted. Should be tomorrow (10/17)
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