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  1. On the cartoon show The Venture Bros the strongman Brock is a huge fan of Led Zeppelin and actually has an incomplete tattoo of Icarus. The show also contains several references to Zep.
  2. In my opinion, Since I've Been Loving You is the superior track. Live and studio. Page's tone is absolutely incredible and the solo, holy crap, the solo, especially the double-tracked part sends chills down my spine. Tea For One is okay but it's way too long and feels like it goes no where with the song. If it were shorter, then it probably would've been better.
  3. On the Wikipedia article about Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" it states that Zep covers Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Child" as part of their medley. I've got several bootlegs and live recordings from various tours, including the MSG show the day after Hendrix died from 1970 and I've listened to them all but I could not find any Whole Lotta Love that has Voodoo Child in the medley. Does anyone know what show does Led Zeppelin perform that song or is it just a mistake on the Wikipedia article? Link to Wiki Thanks
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