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  1. Achilles Last Stand is definitely Zeppelin's best heavy metal song
  2. I've been wondering, who is the angel of the Swan Song Logo? Where did Zeppelin get the idea for the logo? And why did they do it? Can someone please explain.
  3. It could very well be the heist of the century.
  4. 1) Kashmir 2) Achilles Last Stand 3) Trampled Underfoot 4) No Quarter 5) Stairway to Heaven 6) Carouselambra 7) Dazed and Confused 8) Communication Breakdown 9) Since I've Been Loving You 10) Misty Mountain Hop
  5. 95.5 KLOS from L.A. always has the 7:00 time dedicated to Led Zeppelin. They play 3 Zeppelin songs every weekday at 7:00, and I always look forward to that. Also I've always wanted to hear "No Quarter" on the radio, but I'v never gotten the chance. Someday.
  6. I would say Mothership since it includes all of their best work from all years, or the Best of Latter Days and Early Days, which were the first two albums that I listened to. But they were not a choice, so I'll go with Houses of the Holy, since "No Quarter" is the first song that I remember listening to.
  7. I feel like listening to Zeppelin right now.

  8. Hello Zeppelin Rules!

  9. Definately 1972-1973 Cuz they broke world records in terms of audience attendance back then. 56,800 fans for a single performance on May 5, 1973. Also How the West Was Won and The Song Remains the Same was recorded back then. And in How the West Was Won, Jimmy Page even stated that that was Zeppelin at its best. Also they had their Starship back then and they were #1 on the charts too. I would have liked to live those magical years.
  10. Today marks the first of the two performances at the Knebworth festival of '79, which was at the time the first time Zeppelin played in England in over four years, and it would also turn out to be there last time playing in their home country w/ the original line up I know that if I lived in England 30 years ago, I would have went to Knebworth, but for those that did go, what was it like? Because you can't get the full experience by watching the Zeppelin DVD, and I really want to know what the atmosphere was like back then, and how did you cope with songs from their latest album (In Through The Out Door) Please Reply
  11. No Quarter cuz its the first Zeppelin song I've ever listened to, and the keyboard solo is freakin' awesome And cuz i've heard No Quarter about a thousand times now
  12. Well if there was a Zeppelin calender, this week will be a holy week, commemorating the classic Garden gigs, and today would be the year 41 in Zeppelin years P.S. good to know Zeppelin has influence in Mexico, I've been to Mexico quite a few times, but have yet to find any reference pertaining to them, guess I better look harder P.P.S. Thanks for translating the Ten Years Gone lyrics in Spanish, I have a really hard time translating any of Zep's music into Spanish
  13. I've been looking through all the topics on this website, and no mention of the anniversary of the classic concert shown on zepppelin's first movie. Oh well, at least I remembered I celebrate that concert by busting my ears and listening to the whole remastered version from start to finish (and w/out pauses in between) Watching the movie and pretending today is 1973 and I am going to their concerts How do you commemorate this historic Zeppelin date?
  14. Definitely TSRTS, cuz its been around for so long now and that was the first live album they (officially) released, and because in my opinion, 1973 was the best year ever for Led Zeppelin, they were at the top of thier game I especially like 'No Quarter', 'Dazed and Confused', and the 'Stairway to Heaven' performances Peace Out, Keep it natural
  15. Mothership would be the best amusement place in the world. It might even be its own amusement park, with everything inside it being Zeppelin material, the driver might be Peter Grant, and the cargo will be the whole zeppelin collection in albums, concerts, and instruments
  16. My favorite music era is from 1967-1973, half my I-pod's music are from those six years alone, including The Doors, The Beatles, Hendrix, and of course Led Zepppelin
  17. My favorite song live is between my favorite studio song 'Trampled Underfoot', 'Stairway to Heaven' and 'No Quarter' I like watching the latter on 'The Song Remains the Same' DVD, and the other two on the 'Led Zeppelin DVD'
  18. Its Kashmir, because according to an interview, Robert Plant was asked about the defenitive song being Stairway to Heaven, but he quickly corrected the interviewer, and said "No, Kashmir is" I forgot who was interviewing him, but I read it in the Mothership booklet, that he said that
  19. I agree with you, those countries could have really used some introduction to new music, instead of the same old songs those countries bands always play In Mexico various artists don't make their own music, but rather make different versions from someone that in turn did the same thing from someone else. Everytime I hear Spanish music, it is always the same old songs repeated over and over again by different artists Zeppelin is a one of a kind band and no one could really mimic their style
  20. My favorite Zeppelin moment this week, was this past Thursday, when I listened to all the Zeppelin studio albums (From Led Zeppelin I to In Through The Out Door), in order throughout the whole day, in my I-Pod By the way it was 73 songs and 6.3 hours long, cool
  21. The 'Jonesy Is No Longer 'Round Back Parking the Car, Robert Is' album, funny, long and creative I would like Jonesy to put his ideas down in here, but to be honest I don't think that Zeppelin would pick this title, I think that it would either be between 'Led Zeppelin IX' or 'Presents' Wouldn't 'Presents' be the best Christmas gift to give to anyone, or recieve?
  22. I agree with Zepheads, man Simple and easy, its the only one that I would use
  23. Wow I didn't know Zeppelin broke so many attendance records in so many countries and cities, and I also didn't know about the millions people that attended the biggest rock concerts ever. Thanks for replying, man Also since Zeppelin have played in many different countries, have they ever played in Mexico, man? Cuase Mexico touches the American border, and I know that they have played countless gigs in America, but have they ever crossed south Just curious, because I've been to Mexico before and have family there (P.S. I didn't go during the swine flu season)
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