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  2. That was really funny, thanks
  3. Sorry, I'm really not full of myself.........guess my keyboard was jammed.
  4. Me agreessss!!!!!!! Thank you!
  5. Thanks for the info on Maggie Bell
  6. On the t.v. show Jeopardy, tonight, one of the questions was (don't remember exactly), regarding Jimmy Page starting up what foursome after The Yardbirds? Aaaaaahhhhhhh.......duh!
  7. that is really cute!!! Love Bonzo's bongo.
  8. Please do........and post the pics!!
  9. That's the one!! Thanks for sharing.
  10. yeh, I guess you would of had to been there BTW, I love your Robert pics! Thanks.
  11. Yes, lucky for you, cuz if you were in much longer you'd have gotten the real mystery meat, if you know what I mean.
  12. It probably was Elton John! I read somewhere that he suffered from bulemia.........so that could mean he was actually "throwing up" food out the window!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. It's annyoying, when someone so close to you, just doesn't get it. My husband makes fun of me. I consider myself a born-again Zeppelin fan. Always said they were my all time favorite, but really started spending time getting into them again when 02 was announced. I like to tease my husband who is 10 yrs. younger than me about having a crush on Robert Plant. I think he's jealous and refuses to say that he likes Zep (I know he does). He says I'm going through my mid-life crisis. What a way to go!!!!!!!!
  14. He is the Coolest!! Thanks for that blast from the past. I think my parent's kitchen shared those colors when I grew up in the 70's. I'm serious. Our refrigerator was an avacodo green and our counter tops and wall mounted phone where pink. Don't remember what color our living room carpet was, but I used to lay on it in front of "my dad's" precious stereo system with his huge headphones on, listening to my older brother's Led Zeppelin albums. I think I remember it as my dad's stereo, because it was so high tech, turntable and all, that my mom never understood how to use it. One day I talked my dad into listening to a Zeppelin album and I agreed to listen to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass album. The one with the lady covered in whipped cream on the cover. Does anyone relate?
  15. Those pants are outrageous!!!!!!!
  16. That's pretty damn cool.........wish I had seen that!!!!
  17. Wow, you are very observant! I was at a Von's chain grocery store in my neighborhood in California last week and parked next to an old, kind of dirty and dinged up little car. The car and windows where all decorated with white painted words, "Led Zeppelin," along with the group's symbols and other Zep stuff hanging from the rear view mirrow and on the dash. After coming out of the store, the car was still there, so I wrote a little note: "Led Zeppelin Rules!" and tucked it under their windshield wiper blade. I was just at the same grocery store tonight and saw the car again. Must belong to an employee.
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