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  1. Talk about all of your favourite drummers. BERNARD 'BUDDY' RICH IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I'm also obsessed with music if u haven't guessed(not as much as drums)
  3. I'm 12 I'm said to be as good as John Bonham @ drums I'm obsessed with John Bonham & Buddy Rich I'm also obsessed with The Killers (not as much as drums) I'm in a band & hope to be a musician
  4. I'm in a band, we don't have a name or a myspace thing (even though we've been together for 2 years). I play drums, I'm said to be as good as John Bonham
  5. What four musicians do you think would be the best to replace Led Zeppelin that aren't in the same band (I know that no one really could replace them, before you think that)
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