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  1. PlanetPage, I think I have seen that reference to a proposed documentary. The photographers of that night are pretty tight with the use of their photos, I have a 16" x 20" of Zep (it's in the Timeline) that I bought from a seller at a London, Ontario record show 6 years ago.
  2. Not a new photo that you haven't seen before ... it is also in the timeline.
  3. I have a pic of Zeppelin from November 2, 1969 (2 days before the Kitchener one) in Toronto and who ever took the photo also said that they were using WEM PA columns.
  4. Their next gig was Kansas City, I think on the 5th? I would imagine they drove back to Toronto and stayed there and got a plane to Kansas City in the morning.
  5. One more thing, their stage/equipment setup was sparse. Before their set they didn't have much or any stage lighting, so I asked one of their roadies if they would like to use my lighting system for their set. They said no, but they did have 2 follow spots high up in the seat exits.
  6. As to that Led Zeppelin/ Copper Penny poster ... I gave Bert and others a black and white copy of the original poster, so thats really all they have seen unless they go to the Timeline.
  7. Everyone knew who Zep was, and that's why so many local musicians went to that gig ...
  8. Well, I'm the sound guy but I'd like to correct a few things ... we did know who they were and I had the first two albums. There were about 2,000 at that concert and they did not use our PA (some have said this to me but it isn't true) I believe they are remembering the Chuck Berry/Del Shannon/Brian Hyland gig from 1971. Led Zeppelin used WEM columns for their PA. I have now located the SECOND poster of that November 1969 gig with Led Zeppelin ... I took 2 at the end of the gig.
  9. I thought it was a pretty good show despite the fact it was a short set with encore probably due to Bonham being ill. A lot of the local guitar players and musicians came to see Zep, guitar players mostly to see Page. I think I'd just bought Led Zeppelin II that week and they were really in their first year and not yet the huge band they would become. Things are always pretty hectic getting ready for gigs like this. At that time Copper Penny was playing about 20 gigs a month so it's a wonder I can still remember a lot of those gigs, sometimes band members will remember things that happened that I'd forgot and we have a good laugh
  10. Kitchener, Ontario, Canada November 4, 1969. I was working for the band Copper Penny who opened for Led Zeppelin doing their stage lighting. We arrived about 5:00 PM and and unloaded our band equipment from our bus(didn’t every band have a bus back then ) at the back doors of the auditorium. Equipment was strewn all down the corridor leading to the stage area. I’m about 50 feet from the back door and hear someone not to happy about stepping over and around band gear, he’s cursing a bit, finally look back and see it’s Page coming down the aisle. He gets just behind me and says “Do you know the way to the dressing rooms?” I point the way and he goes on cursing a bit more . Plant was in a better mood, Bonham was ill, and Jones didn’t say much. Page’s amp blew up and he had to use our guitar players amp head. I think our guitar player grabbed a few Page guitar picks as payment(so he says) . A guy from Revenue Canada waited till Zep got paid and demanded Peter Grant pay a tax before they left for Kansas City. After the gig I went to the front of Auditorium box office and took down two of the concert posters, gave one to our keyboard player and kept one for myself. 1969....what a year.
  11. Hey Steve, yes sometimes 2 buyers do get caught up in a bidding war, but only 5 posters in existence? I've seen this happen with other posters where the auction price ends up 3 times the normal price. But this is Zep
  12. The Zeppelin Merriweather Pavilion, Columbia, MD of May 25th, 1969 sold at auction for $9,112.95(with buyers fee)...a good price what do you guys think? http://auction.sixtiesposters.com/Bidding.taf?_function=detail&Auction_uid1=1895008
  13. Hi all, Here's a few fav great female vocalist's not listed: Terri Nunn - (Berlin) Chrissy Amphlett - (Divinyls) Karen Lawrence - (L.A. Jets, 1994, Blue By Nature) Nona Hendryx - (LaBelle, Nona Hendryx) Laurie Sargent - (Face To Face) Nena Kerner - (Stripes, Nena) Gayle McCormick - (Smith) Darby Mills - (Headpins) Holly McNarland - (Holly McNarland) Louise Reny ('Sal') - (One To One, Sal's Birdland, Artificial Joy Club)
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