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  1. As much as I would love to see them in concert, I'm not too sure about the tour idea, I don´t know why, it doesn't sound that right, and perhaps probably they wouldn't tour Mexico soooo... I'm not voting cause I don't have a definitive answer.

  2. Well, as Peter Wolf once said, "Every now and then we do get desperate."

    I have to admit, we are playing better.....'er losing better. It would be very Lionish for them to win one at this point. HOWEVER ! We are a team of destiny on a search for purrrfect imperfection. We're too close to blow it now. This is our last chance. We haven't won in Green Bay since I had hair.....1991. These pussies can't possibly toughen up to play outside....I'd bet a kidney on that.

    I played on a 1-8 football team in H.S. We won our second to last game, which was Homecoming. It felt like we won the frickin' Super Bowl. Losing sucks, but this team deserves it. I figure that if they go 0-16, there will be no excuses in stopping a total fumigation of this organization from the top all the way down to the ballboys. You can win five Super Bowls in a row, but 0-16 is a tattoo that will never come off, at least until someone else "accomplishes" it. GO LIONS !!

    At least they could make a key movement in the office, for example who would think the Dolphins would be 9 - 5 this year. I honestly believe Parcell's hands have to do with it, he is changing the team, I would be more than thrilled to see the Dolphins in post season, but I think what they have accomplished til now is something to be proud and to talk about.

    If Dolphins managed to win one game the sucky and horrible way they played last year, probably the Lions do it this season, good luck, cause it's terrible to see your team loose every damn week.

  3. One year after I still envy all of the people that actually were there. And is also one year more that I envy all the people that enjoyed Led Zep concerts in the 70s haha. Oh and I forgot is one more year that, with or without reunion tour, Led Zeppelin are the biggest and best band ever.

  4. I'm new to all of this message boards thing, I normally don't have a lot of time to be in the computer, but since I've got 3 more vacation weeks, I said why not entering the Led Zep forum.

    Well something about me: I'm from Mexico, I'm in Med school, love music, obviously Led Zeppelin but really a lot of things out there, although I'm 23, I think I'm stucked in 1990s and older stuff (except for Muse), new bands don't do it for me. In my early teens I was into punk stuff, thank God as years go I broaden my taste. Anyways, just a hi to all of you, see you around.


  5. The best DVD i've ever seen, and I'm not exaggerating. All, the package, the concert content, the bonus. This is how bands should make DVDs no less. One thing worth saying, it is loud as hell (which is a good thing).

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