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  1. At first I really hated Zeppelin.My father is a huge fan and whenever we talked about music(which was pretty often in fact) he would mention them,which annoyed me.Then I heard Down By The Seaside and I was blown by the vocals.It was really different from everything I had listened to till that moment.I remember that I refused to admit I loved them up to the point when I said "I don't need a cd player because all Zep albums we have are on tapes."
  2. Actually Zeppelin is the only group about which I can honestly say that I like every album and every track without an exception.This of course includes In Through The Outdoor which is rather underestimated in my opinion.There are some great songs there such as All My Love,Carouselambra ,I'm Gonna Crawl,Hot Dog.It really isn't Zep's most popular album but still,it definitely deserves attention.
  3. Love it!I think his post Zep career is great,especially the later CDs like Fate of Nations and Dreamland.Though I like the early ones as well..Well,I guess it turns out I like them all Wow
  4. I have another version.After Robert,of course,I would pick Paul Rodgers.For me he totally represents ROCK-voice,style and stage appearance.I really think he is awesome
  5. For me what makes this band so great is the energy of their music.It has a special vibe,a pulse and that's what makes them different.That's something I can't explain,I just feel it.Besides,I think it really doesn't need to be explained because that's music and that's art-something you feel that is special for you.That's what Led Zep are for me and that's why it's so incredible-because it touches a chord.
  6. Here are mine 1.Led Zeppelin 2.Pink Floyd 3.Uriah Heep 4.Deep Purple 5.Cream
  7. Hi there.I am new at the forum so I decided to say high!My name is Konstantina and I come from Bulgaria.I am 18 years old.Most of my peers don't listen to rock (unfortunately) and that's why I registered in this forum.I'm glad I have the opportunity to communicate with you and I hope I'll make friends here see you
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