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  1. What I would love is a September release of '80 material. I know 1980 wasn't the band's peak, but it sure was John Bonham's. Every year, he became a better drummer. Just watch, say, '69 off the DVD, TSRTS, Earl's Court, some '77 boots and then Knebworth. I fell he got better as the years advance. If they would release Tour Over Europe material to commemorate 30 years without Bonzo, I would be ecstatic. If not I would like to see some official '77 material. Some is horrible, but some shows like LA are quality. We can always hope...
  2. Haven't heard anything about that... Wish there were, though!
  3. Trinity


    I've been looking all over to find it but it's nowhere to be seen. Can someone please provide me with a link in PM? Thanks a lot in advance...
  4. Jason was excellent at the O2, is an excellent drummer. But nobody, I mean nobody, NOBODY comes close to John Henry Bonham.
  5. Livin' Lovin' Maid For sure. I love all of the stuff on II, but I really love Living Loving Maid. I don't even know why, it just really really has a great rhythm.
  6. + improved: The Ocean, Since I've Been Loving You - improved: Rock and Roll (1973, I liked 1979)
  7. 1. When the Levee Breaks 2. Stairway to Heaven 3. Four Sticks 4. Misty Mountain Hop 5. Black Dog 6. Rock and Roll 7. The Battle of Evermore 8. Going to California
  8. Definitely. John Paul Jones is also way underrated.
  9. The Berlin '80 version, Zeppelin's last concert with John Bonham. Rumor has it Jimmy smoked a huge joint before they played, which made him stretch the solo. It was decent.
  10. Definitely... - Good Times Bad Times (Not a little medley, a full song) - D'Yer Mak'er (Also not a medley, but a full song)
  11. Great Habs game yesterday, 6-2. Kovy on fire.
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