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  1. Jason was excellent at the O2, is an excellent drummer. But nobody, I mean nobody, NOBODY comes close to John Henry Bonham.
  2. I've also gotta mention Achilles Last Stand '79 as awesome.
  3. I saw a truck on the way to school about a month ago, it had a logo similar to JPJ's
  4. Oh and holy sh** how could I forget Live Aid as the worst live performance.
  5. Mention the year if you wish. BEST: 1- Moby Dick , 1973 - 1975 2- TSRTS , 1973 3-For Your Life, 2007 4-Kashmir ,1975, 1979, 2007 5-No Quarter , 1973 NOT IN ORDER WORST: I never really liked dazed and confused live. I only like the solo but I never liked the song as a whole. Don't ask why.
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