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    My incredibly wonderful family, my friends, drumming, guitaring, guitar repair and building, studying esoteric spirituality (and sometimes living it! LOL), Led Zeppelin, Living Colour, Van Halen (ONLY with DLR!), hiking, reading, etc.
  1. OK, I just heard "10 Ribs & All/Carrot Pod Pod". My God, it's fucking gorgeous. Thanks for releasing this, guys!
  2. I've never been a fan of ITTOD, but based on the reviews here, I'll give the reissue a fair hearing. ITTOD always sounded to me like it someone had placed blankets over the microphones. There are some killer tunes on that record, so I'm looking forward to hearing what Jimmy has done with them. Thanks for your reviews, everyone!
  3. Dad's proud and wearing a beaming smile watching his boy carry on with the family business, no doubt about it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlnBLYY2P6c
  4. I love it! Great to hear another side of their writing.
  5. Apologies. Is there a way to delete my original post here?
  6. I've heard some of Bonzo's drum tracks from that record and they sound GREAT, but on the actual album, the final mix truly sucked. Damn shame that the album's sonics are so awful. I was surprised Jimmy let it come out sounding the way it did, given all the amazing sonically majestic work he did on other Zep stuff. Then again, I hate the overall sonics on Presence, too, but I love those particular tunes.
  7. For one thing, the album sounds like it was recorded in a cardboard box with cheap microphones covered by wet towels. Absolutely awful sound. That alone makes it hard for me to listen to. On top of that, most of the songs leave me flat. I was really disappointed when I first heard it. Ah well, I have all the other Zep albums to enjoy.
  8. Supposedly, this was done by one guy, but I can't verify this. The playing is scary good. The drumming gave me chills. Obviously, no one can do Bonzo better than Bonzo, but this guy did his drumming homework. Enjoy!
  9. Carouselambra is magnificent in it's power. Light and Shade at it's finest! It would have been a killer track to open a Zep concert. (It still would be. HINT, HINT!)
  10. Obviously, the thread title was IN JEST. It's three very young kids doing their best to play a Zeppelin tune. It's cute. Gods forbid that Zeppelin should appeal to 3 kids in a band, ages 8, 9, and10.
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