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    Anything to do with the hobby of Piranha keeping, classic cars, music, and basically anything retro
  1. Here's 3 more to the list: The Wanderer Truckin Little Mama Everyday People
  2. I personally enjoyed the hardly rehearsed versions of the new Graffiti material played in Chicago in january. To me those were pretty cool moments. Good stuff imo. But than again I can listen to '77 Chicago also
  3. Nice to hear from some one who listened to this. Every year had its moments. For me though I couldn't not turn this off. I dont know if it was the Lairds AppleJack talking but this really impressed me. Honestly, even Zep at their worst is better than everyone else at their best. So all I can say is rock on.
  4. I have not been able to turn this 3 hour plus show how off. Till now I thought '73 was there best year but Seatlle 75 is changing my mind. Unbelievable. What do you think. Personally, this is better than Earls Court imo. Damn, i cant believe how good is this.
  5. very well said. For me it was after polishing off a fifth of Hennessy, closing my eyes, cranking ALS to the max and listening to every note including the ones in between
  6. For me it would have to be Good Times, Bad Times and How Many More Times.
  7. Monkey On My Back -- Aerosmith
  8. Not sure if this is it but blueberry hill (LA Forum 9-4-70) is over 6 minutes long.
  9. Finally got to listen to the whole 3cd set. WOW. A must have for any collector.
  10. I would have voted all of the above if there was an option, I chose 1973.
  11. I was listening to Hampton '71 today. If you are looking for a scorcher of a show, that's it.
  12. Its only worth it if someone wants it so bad. Damn, on ebay the other day I saw a ticket stub from the 77 show going for $100. Geez.
  13. When the levee breaks, four sticks, out on the tiles, no body's fault, and no quarter stick out the most for me. The guitar work is awesome. But as everyone else has mentioned anytime Jimmy picks up a guitar no matter what condition he was in. Impressive.
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