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  1. very well said. For me it was after polishing off a fifth of Hennessy, closing my eyes, cranking ALS to the max and listening to every note including the ones in between
  2. Monkey On My Back -- Aerosmith
  3. 2nd night at the garden 6-8-1977. Tickets were mail order only. Still have the ticket stub. Anyone familiar with the garden they sent me section 209 seats. side of the stage middle level. you can imagine me at 16 years old at the time on that special day. I was very disappointed on the boot of the show though.
  4. Best live songs I've heard were: Stairway to Heaven - June 3, 1973 The Ocean - June 3, 1973 Heartbreaker - June 3, 1973 Whole Lotta Love - June 3, 1973. To be honest this to me was one of their finest performances ever. Wish they would release this show in its entirety if LZ even has it. Worst song ever for me: Hot Dog - 1980 (any version) just my opinion of course.
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