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  1. I thought that was a freaking awesome show! How tight were they?! Thats what i thought anyway...
  2. Guys the book is freaking good! He's not almost as one sided in his book. Its a great read!
  3. lol yes i bet alot of people love that. Unfortuanetly it's on zeppelin 4. I love bron-y-aur-stomp!
  4. Hey everyone has probably seen this but heres a great video with awesome photos. http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=tkU9pFh5sxI
  5. you think? Ive listened to the track alot, ive read the proper story about the joint thing, but if you ask me- i think it terrible. It suck's. If you listen to the other 80's show's, there not as pausy, and sloppy. But thats my opinion. Etlist your positive!
  6. Hey man i would say probably southampton university 1973. It's not rare but i would definatly say the best sound.
  7. hehe you guys might like to know there is a picture of jimmy pages #1 lespaul case- full with empty jack daniels bottles! I't might not have actually been his but according to a forum on www.ultimate-guitar.com it is.
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