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  1. Thanks Buck Eye Doc! It had to be done, LOL! any excuse to show James off! And speaking of Dave:
  2. Thanks for sharing the pics BEDoc! Glad you enjoyed the Cleveland show. We had a blast, and even though there were a few sound issues, we enjoyed the show! Hey......it's only Rock and Roll! It was so nice to see my old pal again!
  3. has not set their status

  4. Zoso Rocks! They are very talented musicians and a great group of guys. I went to see them recently and have tickets to see them at the HOB soon. I love to hear any band that carries the torch and allows us to enjoy the music of Led Zeppelin.
  5. Try getting into another country with Led Zeppelin license plates. Instant reason to get pulled over and searched. It happened to us. They certainly had a focus on our plates and kept asking us over and over what they meant.
  6. Thanks for letting us know Frank! Seems like she may have her reasons for not continuing your chats, but it's a shame she felt the need to just cut off all communications. She could have just said, I don't want to discuss it any further.......and that would have been fine. Thanks for trying, and sharing.
  7. Bromances are HOT! Yep......gotta love it!
  8. Sounds good. I actually have no plans for the weekend!
  9. I love the Rock hall and have supported it since it came to Cleveland. You are really missing out on alot of amazing events. Of course you have your reasons, but the rock hall supports so many programs promoting music. The Toddler Rock is just one example. Introducing young kids to music is so wonderful. The rock hall supports alot of local musicians as well. They showcased local bands during the free day at the Rock Hall on the day of the Induction Ceremony. The nominations are generated from a panel that includes musicians and music industry folks. I don't always agree with who gets
  10. I also have Jimmy's autograph. Which will remain in my family forever. My will states that my Led Zeppelin collection is never to be sold. It is to be passed down to each generation, the first grandchild.......and so on. I will show it to ppl, but they are not allowed to touch it. I have museum quality paper protecting it. Seems like everytime someone wants to see it, they also want to touch it. Oils from your hands will ruin it over time. I have Robert's autograph as well. He signs things more often than Pagey. I still don't have John Paul's autograph. Perhaps someday.
  11. I dvr'd the two hour version of the show and just watched most of it. It included some clips that were not in the original live broadcast. He was laughing when he said this, so I am quite sure he was joking. He had a very big grin on his face that they did a close up on. I loved the clips they showed from the rehearsals.......definately didn't get to see those that night.
  12. Not sure if anyone has posted this link yet. Some cool insight into the wonderful evening events. http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Lifestyle/News...ll-of-Fame-406/
  13. The sound was really good IMO. I've been to a few other recent events at Public Hall and it is a beautiful venue. Not too big like some of the venues. I am lucky to live near Cleveland and able to take advantage of the many R&R HOF events. We always get tickets not even know who may show up at many of them and have never been disappointed. It was a highlight of my life to have been there. There really was a very cool vibe. Everyone seemed happy and ready to Rock. Watching Jimmy was so fun, he seemed to genuinely have a good time. He was up dancing and jammin' in his seat on mor
  14. I sat close enough to observe Jimmy and his table. No......he was not stoned, high, or drunk. He has always had those "nervous" twitches. Buck-eye-Doc.....I hope your son and his friend had as much fun as we did. Sam.......a pleasure to meet you. Looking forward to the next one for sure! Here are a few other observations from my weekend: Jimmy does not "mingle"--He held up in his hotel room alot. Not many "Jimmy" sightings. Metallica fans rock! Most of Metallica are VERY sweet and nice. I had the honor to meet all of them. Joe Perry is VERY skinny....didn't meet him b
  15. I have been trying to arrange something. I have heard back from a few folks, but not sure when everyone is going to be arriving in Cleveland. I usually just name a time and venue and folks just show up. This is a bit different as so many are traveling on Saturday afternoon and leaving the next day.
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