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  1. Totally agreed, the band and especially Plant sound so energetic and exciting!
  2. Have both Guitar Hero 3 and Rock Band in my house, fun to play..I beat GH3 on Expert hahaha but I'm glad Zep hasnt given these games one of their songs...its adds to the mystery of Zep..on the other hand Aerosmith had a WHOLE guitar hero game ...talk about sellouts.
  3. Been busy playing/recording original songs in the studio for the past month, but I learned Bron-Yr-Aur the other day, such an awesome song. Also have been watching instructional jazz vids on youtube..man jazz guitar is hard
  4. In Montreal its -13°C and we're currently recieving 20 cms of snow..I can't wait to see downtown tomorrow
  5. Don't know why JethroTull comes onto the NHL thread and starts talking shit about sports fans. Take a hike pal. As for the game last night, it was close...but go HABS! Sorry Yukon And congrats on the Sundin singing, ally! Is it enough for the Canucks though?
  6. Bought a 24 of Corona last night..had no room in the fridge so we had the case outside with us at the hot tub...
  7. Whats white and goes up? A retarded snowflake
  8. Wearing and Tearing! Freakin love that song
  9. Love the Beatles. Favourite album is definately Sgt. Pepper..a studio masterpiece. Has anyone seen the film Across The Universe? It's set in late 60's and the actors sing Beatles songs that reflect the personal issues in their lives. The singers are really good. Jim Sturgess is the main character, Jude. Check it out
  10. Got the new ipod nano video 8 gigs for christmas last year...it met its end in the washing machine..so young.. Now I've got a lime green shuffle..looks pretty stupid considering I've got these huge bose headphones ahahah
  11. 1. Led Zeppelin 2. The Beatles 3. The Swell Season 4. City & Colour 5. The Smiths ....for now
  12. ahahaha Sucks that some of the old fellas are gone, but hey time to meet new people.
  13. Habs beat Philly tonight 5-2, finally Montreal is looking like the team from last year. Komisarek is great, his presence was really felt tonight. As for Kovalev....keep going, dont wait another 19 games.
  14. Finalized my registration for second semester of College. Looking foward to Cognitive Development hahaha whaaaaaaaaat!
  15. Yeah, I'm in a band called From This Day On, I sing and play guitar. We're currently recording a 4-song demo. We're booked to play Club Soda (bowie played there back in the day) in Montreal Jan. 31st, its for an Exposure type thing, the company rents the venue and they get bands to sell tickets for 10 bucks and the more tickets, the better time slot.
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