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  1. Sir, when you can, I'd love a link, again....You provided it a few years back, but I don't have the lossless files anymore. Thanks.
  2. Seems like something to be thankful for when slicing the turkey next week...
  3. This was me before the remasters. I had "outgrown" the studio recordings and definitely favored the bootlegs. The remasters rekindled my appreciation for the studio work, as most of it did sound noticeably improved. But after overdosing on those for a few years, I'm mostly back to the live stuff again.
  4. Exactly. I'm guilty of it...usually they're well produced, but haven't purchased such a creature for a good while now.
  5. I've long thought putting LZ (or Mr Page or Mr Plant, probably) on the cover of music magazines like these was likely to boost circulation. Anyone have any hard numbers to confirm or refute that?
  6. Jimmy said the 50th anniversary would be marked with "all manner of surprises", right? “There’ll be Led Zeppelin product coming out, for sure, that people haven’t heard, because I’m working on that." Was it just the Rock And Roll / Friends single? I'm definitely breathing!
  7. I was never a big fan of the studio track, but came to love the '77 versions (more than '75), especially on Destroyer. Now, even the studio version has grown on me. I listened to PG yesterday and was thinking about what may have influenced decisions on '75 setlists. We know Ten Years Gone had difficulties for live performance that were resolved for '77. But why not "In the Light," or "Custard Pie" or "The Rover"? We'll never know, but wild guess that we would have heard more of PG on the fall '75 tour that never happened. What might have been.
  8. Just enjoyed this show last week. Four stars there for me. To my ears, JPJ initially goes in a direction that seems to foreshadow the '77 versions, and then comes back toward the '75 versions, but not quite the usual, as you say. For me, it's just not quite focused enough. Which is a strange thing to say for a "jam" song.
  9. Messed up my dates. Meant 3-14, not 3-10. I had 3-12 once, but it was a poor audience recording. I don't have much listening stamina for those.
  10. For some reason couldn't edit my original. What I mean to say here is each 1975 show that I have...
  11. 1975 is my favorite tour...aided in no small degree by the amount of many excellent soundboards (sounding better than soundboards from other tours). I tend to listen to the '75 shows on their anniversary dates when I can. It can be a bit much at times...yes, there can be too much live Zeppelin at some point. And, this year...it wasn't quite as enjoyable as it has been. Maybe I've overdosed on these shows in recent years. In 2011, I did some spreadsheet calculations using my iTunes star ratings for each song of each 1975 show to calculate which show would come out on top. I even did a variation with weighting some songs (OTHAFA, Kashmir, NQ, D&C). That was a few soundboards ago and since I'm sitting at home with time on my hands...I decided to do it again so I can comment with some competence. For the record, the only '75 audience shows I have are the LA Forum tapes. I'm usually pretty ambivalent about non-soundboard recordings, so my '75 collection isn't as extensive as others'. CAUTION: Geek zone ahead. Unweighted, my top five in order are: 2-12, 3-11, 3-5, 2-14, 3-27. If counting Earl's Court, 5-25 would be 3rd Weighted switches it up a bit: 3-11, 2-12, 3-5, 3-27, and a tie of 3-3 and 2-28. 2-14 falls to 6th (tied with 3-19) and 5-25 would be 7th. The "average" score for a US show was 4.01 (out of 5) weighted and 5.38 weighted. Both 2-13 and 2-16 were 4.00, so I guess they're average shows. And, 2-16 and 3-4 were right on 5.38 for weighted. I'm surprised 2-12 stands out here. It IS a very notable show and for recording quality at least it should be in every collection. But...I thought some of the recent '75 SBs had surpassed it in overall show quality. Maybe not. Or...maybe subconsciously I'm using 2-12 as a bar for every other show. I view 3-21 as simply another very good 1975 soundboard rather than a Holy Grail (Deus Ex Machina). I was surprised to find that based on an average of the average, 3-21 comes out "below average" weighted (5.00) and unweighted (3.93). Haven't listened to it for more than a year, so maybe I'm due. Other below average shows: 2-10 (surprised, but I don't have any 5-star tracks here) 3-10 (always saw it as a dud...but a 5-star NQ) 3-17 (this one also a dud, at least early...no 5-star track) 3-20 (very surprised by this, but hurt by an average D&C and only NQ gets 5 stars) The first two LA shows, but this is probably me grading the quality of the audience recording rather than the performance So, that's what I get using my head. A mixed bag.... Using my heart, some years ago I landed on 5-25 as my ultimate LZ live show just because the vibe is so amazing. Even though I'd put it top, I don't think any one song that night is a "best ever," so it's a bit ironic. And...I've never bothered with the audience recordings from Earl's Court. Maybe I should stop hoping for SBs from those. As for U.S. shows in '75, my favorites show up well this way (3-11, 2-12, 3-5, 3-27) By the way, I don't have a single performance of NQ ranked less than 4 stars. Always a highlight of a '75 show for me (all-time fave is 5-24).
  12. Pretty much anything from 5-25-75....he was unstoppable that night. "If your brain hurts...see the man walking around selling hot brains." And of course at the end, "Charles Shaar-Murray, wherever you are (well-timed lick from Jimmy) keep taking the pills." And, this from 2-12-75 after NQ: "John Paul Jones, piano. Jimmy Page, electric guitar. Raymond Thomas, Jimmy Page’s road manager. Ian Knight, in charge of the smoke machine that didn’t work. Peter Grant, our manager. Everybody!”
  13. Could this mystery board be this one?
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