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  1. I have it too. It's in the 1975 midnight special thread here. I'm listening to....
  2. PEACE..YES !! I DO understand, and surely you knew it was someone who knew you. We go way back. cool runnings and utmost joy to you my friend.
  3. S'ok. I figure if I'm outed and they want me gone, I'll be gone. I just like to contribute here and post along old friends. Yukon Cornelius had said I can speak for myself as we've both been banned several times, but ya know, we're both cornerstones here and can put our past in our past and move on. I just wish others could too. Maybe they are. Let bygones be bygones and love the Zep and all other manner of life as well.... Whadaya say ?
  4. ^ Nice selection. You know JJ Jackson is 'just' outside that pick. He's seen in part in front of Jimmy admiring the band. Apparently that shot is in Boston in May of '69 as JJ lived there then. Here's what's on in my world at the moment.
  5. There ? Who knows ? Here it's just your day to day things happening. No quahog huntin' though, unfortunately.
  6. I'm with ya Jethro !! I've had it awhile but I'm listening to "Flowers of Evil" by Mountain and there's no pussyrock on it at all !! HARDCORE !!!!!!!!!
  7. Ahhh...an opiate for the little boy. Nice charming there Todd.
  8. I'm gonna assume you mean the WWII series, is that right ? Gutwrenching to say the least.
  9. I've got a double disc collection of "THEM", Van's band before his solo adventures. It's fantastic. You know Jimmy played on at least one 'THEM' tune, Baby Please Don't Go.
  10. Waiting for Columbus is just as excellent !! Lowell George may be one of the more underated musician by music listeners out there. He certainly got accolades but you don't hear about him that often. I noticed after I posted my 'Moondance' that pennylane two posts before was listening to Van's Tupelo Honey ! Nice coincidence !
  11. Finding my wallet on the side of the road after it'd flown off last night in the rain on a bend in the freeway. After filing a police report, I retraced my route (did last night too, but it was too dark), and low and behold there it was. It'd been run over numerous times, kicked off the road but everything was still in it...my money, license, social security card etc. !!!! Yahoo !!! I went back to the PD dept. and showed them my muddy wallet with all contents intact. They were happy and so was I !!! It's about beer thirty, so I feel like celebrating. Gonna have a few, surf around, and keep up with the Titans football game on foxsports instant game report. I don't have a TV. Hell, my trailer barely held together in last nights wind, besides the neighbors letting their dog shit all over my yard and lettin' all their trash blow over into it too. Not really, I live in a mansion.
  12. Thank you kindly, but I'm just a humble houndog.
  13. Nice ! I've got a great bootleg of Leon in concert in November of 1970. Fantastic soundboard recording! I've been lucky enough to see him twice, once in 1978 then again in '81. I only remember a few tunes from that '81 date. I OD'd on tequila...passed out. Venue Fillmore East City New York State NY Intro Girl From The North Country A Song For You Get Out Of My Life Woman Slippin & A Slidin' Hummingbird Blues Power-Shoot out On the Plantation Dixie Lullabye Sweet Little Angel (Don Preston vocal) I Put A Spell On You Pieces Apple Lady It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry Prince Of Peace Give Peace A Chance> Masters Of War> Give Peace A Chance Delta Lady Roll Away the Stone Great Balls Of Fire
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