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  1. That's very cool you were mentioned in that blog, quoted from a 'competing' Zepsite. Nice going Zepp-4-Life ! Sometimes....people just got to believe. Skeptics be damned, ehh ?
  2. Oh it's come out before. BTW, I wonder how many lost it to "Dear Mr. Fantasy" ....or "I'm Looking Through You" ....or "Please, Please Me" ....or "Love the One Your With" ....or "She's Not There" ....or "Can't Get Enough (of your love)" I betcha some Carpenters (and the schmaltz of the time) lost it to Debbie Boone's "You Light Up My Life" !
  3. I'm merely snacking on Hunan Hangover this morning after my last full meal of several beers last night. Hey, I got some good nutrition of it. The brewskis were very fresh, bottled within the last 3 weeks !
  4. It may not be The Best, but it's the very first surface soundboard of the band and TODAY marks the 40th anniversary of this excellent, albeit short, documentation of early Zep. A must have for Led Zeppelin collector's. It's a very fine sounding cd.
  5. There's a whole cheesy documentary of the Texas Pop Fest '69 called, "Got no shoes, got the Blues". There's some pretty good footage, very little of Zep and some really funny scenes of the locals and their reaction to the Rock Fest in town. Lewisville used to be quite a ways outside of Dallas, but in the last few decades it's nearly inner city as big as Dallas has expanded. The old speedway is LONG GONE, replaced now with warehouses and strip malls. It's truly a POOR, POOR man's "Woodstock". The film that is, the lineup was great and MANY sounboard recordings came out from it. I have
  6. Brevity and specificity is more like it. How'd you know I was a writer ?
  7. And hopefully you'll get the reverse Cowboy for your efforts !
  8. Well look, let's do closing day sometime at Alta, usually the 3rd Sunday in April. Party at the top of Alf's High Rustler, the PREMIER run there..right in front of the main lodges. Here's some pics. Lots of folklore to read about if you seek it out. Alf's High Rustler, named after the legendary Alf Engen, is quite a formidable run - long, steep, and scary. The top is so windblown that in some parts, only a plastic mat covers the rocks and twigs. The traverse to reach Alf's is long, and you're tired even before starting down. My goal in life: ski Alf's without stopping once Alf's (re
  9. Did you happen to have something to prevent "plywood rash" ?
  10. Not a song, per se, but a TV show. John Lennon was on the David Frost nightime interview thing and my girl and I were BOTH having our first go. Coincidentally, my signup date here, December 22 was THE NIGHT in 1972 it happened. How 'bout them apples ? I'm serious. I was 15, she was 14. At the Commanding Officer's house of the Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Honolulu just over 36 year ago. She was 'housesitting'. My dad was John McCain's 'right hand man' at CincPac, Camp Smith..Oahu. The recent presidential candidate's father. If he only knew now !
  11. ^ I love it, I really do. Several here know all about it and more are gonna benefit. It's my passion.
  12. You sound like your in my 'state of mind'. I've had a few strong IPA's and am enjoying the evening cranking tunes, unimpeded, and digging it. Sending some 02 shows out too ask we speak. I love to spread "The Wealth" ROCK ON !!!! and then...AGAIN !
  13. gadgetguru

    Photos !

    ^ Great photo The Rover !! I've only been in the Northern Hemisphere to witness the Aurora Borealis...but have seen scene's like this that astounded me. I felt like I was inside a Christmas tree one night with the lights swirling from a center point, down to the horizon engulfing me in a 'cone'. I'll never forget it. It was the winter of 1969 in Rhode Island and I woke the whole neighborhood (only 6 residences, exclusive Navy Base) of the phenomena. Everyone was mouth agaped and the occurance made major news that year. Amazing what the sun's rays or outputs can produce here on Eart
  14. I hope I'm here to tell you what it'll be. It's getting better all the time....
  15. I have it too. It's in the 1975 midnight special thread here. I'm listening to....
  16. East at sunrise. The shore is good at Cape Hatteras in N. Carolina, ask bigstickbonzo, he's the resident expert.
  17. Just as The Led Zeppelin DVD has been one of the biggest, if not THE BIGGEST, best seller of all time, an O2 release would easily challenge that. There are many really good bootleg versions of the show, but a PROFESSIONAL one mastered and oversaw by Jimmy Page would eclipse any music DVD out there. It HAS to happen eventually.
  18. PEACE..YES !! I DO understand, and surely you knew it was someone who knew you. We go way back. cool runnings and utmost joy to you my friend.
  19. S'ok. I figure if I'm outed and they want me gone, I'll be gone. I just like to contribute here and post along old friends. Yukon Cornelius had said I can speak for myself as we've both been banned several times, but ya know, we're both cornerstones here and can put our past in our past and move on. I just wish others could too. Maybe they are. Let bygones be bygones and love the Zep and all other manner of life as well.... Whadaya say ?
  20. ^ Nice selection. You know JJ Jackson is 'just' outside that pick. He's seen in part in front of Jimmy admiring the band. Apparently that shot is in Boston in May of '69 as JJ lived there then. Here's what's on in my world at the moment.
  21. There ? Who knows ? Here it's just your day to day things happening. No quahog huntin' though, unfortunately.
  22. I'm with ya Jethro !! I've had it awhile but I'm listening to "Flowers of Evil" by Mountain and there's no pussyrock on it at all !! HARDCORE !!!!!!!!!
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