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  1. Ahhh...an opiate for the little boy. Nice charming there Todd.
  2. Gotcha !! Santana reigns supreme. I also like Los Lobos alot. But these guys are Americans, Latino ancestry.
  3. I'm gonna assume you mean the WWII series, is that right ? Gutwrenching to say the least.
  4. I've got a double disc collection of "THEM", Van's band before his solo adventures. It's fantastic. You know Jimmy played on at least one 'THEM' tune, Baby Please Don't Go.
  5. At least I still have several beers to drink... Wallowing ...wallowing...wallowing. Good music to listen to, good beer to drink. Titans lose. Hey what the hey.....it's only a game.
  6. 4th and 1 on the Titans 25, no doubt Baltimore will go for the kick ! Block that kick .. Block that kick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. It's nailbiting time.... The Poesters are getting close to field goal range with a minute left.... HOLD 'EM TITANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hold 'em !!! Hold 'em !!!! Hold 'em !!!!!!!!!!! Tennessee Hold 'Em !!!!!! at the 50 with less than 2 minutes in the game..... Push em back, push em back....WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAyyyyyyyyyyy Backkkkkk !!!!!!!!!
  9. No Latino Led for you ? I guess they weren't really a cha-cha band, but I bet they could do it better than any rock band from Mexico. BTW, are there any 'famous' rock bands from there ?
  10. 3 points...we'll take it. 10 to 10 with 4 minutes left. Overtime ? Not if we can help it. I can hear the fans cheering from my house !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Titans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Titans get a break ! We're on the move, come on guys....get it in this time !!!!!!!
  12. Well....the Titans miscue's aren't going to dampen my enjoyment of these brewskis. AFterall, it's just a game. Fodder for the Fans.
  13. Arrrghh !! Another fuckup by the Titans inside the Baltimore 20. A fumble !!!!! That's 3 times this game they've lost it in the red zone !!!!! Damn !!!!!!!!!!
  14. That's funnier than fuck ZFF !! I got caught doin' the nasty in the car behind a high school cafeteria back in '75 and the cops just told us to find another place ! My dad was the High School football coach so that may have helped ! My resolution is...to figure out what my resolution is going to be. It'll be a good one though, I promise.
  15. Titans just got lucky holding Baltimore to a fieldgoal with them inside the 5 !! Whew !!!
  16. Waiting for Columbus is just as excellent !! Lowell George may be one of the more underated musician by music listeners out there. He certainly got accolades but you don't hear about him that often. I noticed after I posted my 'Moondance' that pennylane two posts before was listening to Van's Tupelo Honey ! Nice coincidence !
  17. Always remember zepskier, you can only ski ON the surface of Sierra concrete. But if you're really ON IT, you'll be IN IT, deeply. Today in the Wasatch. You can't beat it with a stick !
  18. To find my old Led Zeppelin concert tape I recorded. It's a priceless Holy Grail that's eluded the limelight, but would make worldwide LZ headlines in the boot community if it surfaces. Hope is all I have.
  19. Titans had 3 times the offense in the first half though...255 to 95 and couldn't capitalize. I made it to the store and have some brewskis on ice ! Will pop one in about 10 minutes. Damn, I feel like I won the lottery today. It's about time.
  20. Finding my wallet on the side of the road after it'd flown off last night in the rain on a bend in the freeway. After filing a police report, I retraced my route (did last night too, but it was too dark), and low and behold there it was. It'd been run over numerous times, kicked off the road but everything was still in it...my money, license, social security card etc. !!!! Yahoo !!! I went back to the PD dept. and showed them my muddy wallet with all contents intact. They were happy and so was I !!! It's about beer thirty, so I feel like celebrating. Gonna have a few, surf arou
  21. WooHoo !! Titans 7 Dirty Birds 0 1st quarter, ~ 4 minutes to go and Titans have possession again !!!!! Go Titans, beat them Edgar Allan Poesers !!
  22. Nah, Some Hell's Angel who's hired for security will stab you just for the fun of it. Polite, but firmly implanted into your quivering cadaver ! :
  23. Can you not tune into another ABC affiliate throught your service ? Like NY or LA ?
  24. He doesn't seem to be able to get the bubble out quite like Hillary can. I guess his bubble has already burst and this is just a hopeful wish that his ego can be inflated again. Who's that fellow onlooker there ?
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