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  1. ^ There you go ! Of course that was the old days I was talking about. Rockstars were more accepting of friendly visitors back then. I'd had my own positive experiences and won't let paranoid people ruin it for me. Some stars lives DO get ruined by paranoid or obsessed so called fans, but for the most part it's an abberation. I'd rather be accepting and open armed than freaked out and reclusive/standoffish. WWJD? He let a bypasser in, only to be done in by a stalker at the Dakota. I'm sure he'd still rather have been out in public and risked that danger than to be holed up on the
  2. What's ELO got anything to do with anything? Maybe the retaliation. There's gonna be a showdown, with an E..E...Evil Woman.
  3. If you can, hide your head in the sand Catch you with another man and that's the end Little Girl. Now, who needs to run?
  4. You betcha, so would I !! You'd gain creedence from the dude for personally inviting him to the revival down in Clearwater, Florida !!
  5. Flea is a great bassist, plus he's short. They'll need to call themselves The Small Faces again.
  6. I just pulled this off another site, Along with Jeff will be Vinnie Colaiuta – drums, Tal Wilkenfeld – bass, and David Sancious - keyboards. I know that Tal and Vinnie were with him on the 2007 Crossroads Festival, not sure about Sancious, but this will be a great gig !! That Tal is a phenomenal bassist, she's only around 20 years old.
  7. Better to ask for forgiveness, then to beg for permission. ON another note, they can only shoot you if you're breaking in, and threatening imminent bodily harm on them. Most of their homes are isolated, gated and over the hills and far away anyway, so it's mostly the up and comer's who have accessibility nowadays. It used to be celebrities lived 'amongst the common folk'. And that's when they didn't mind visitors so much. The papparazzi have ruined it for people who just want to stop by and be friendly. What about Trick or Treating?.
  8. Just 2 posts above yours I stated that exactly. But thanks for saying it again.
  9. Man, I'm really confused. Is Yukon Joel or Rick? Or is ZeppFanForever Joel? He says he is, but Yukon says he's Rick, but Jethro thinks Yukon is Joel and Cletus thinks Yukon is Rick? Who the fuck is who? And why did kabbalakone, carouselambra and Sunchild get banned ? Where's Mary Hartman. This place is crazy and rife with conspiracies isn't it?
  10. People drive by and gawk at governor's mansions and that's OK. Sure the governor is a "public servant", but not really. They're rich and still have private lives and it's THEIR home. Nah, I don't think there's a thing wrong with driving by a star's home, it comes with the territory. Going onto their property may be over the line, but sometimes as has been noted, the star actually can enjoy it and invite visitors in. I took some tapes of a friends band up to a country star's home on my street, unannounced, he brought me inside and hooked the 15 inch reels up to his massive system and c
  11. Well I certainly wouldn't go out of my way to avoid driving by a star's home. Some places you can't avoid them. Just go by and pretend not to notice.
  12. I agree, most of those are cringe worthy and an embarrassment. I don't have anything I would hesitate to play for a rocker. I have stuff that would embarrass my sisters though. All that drug, sex in the rock and roll ya know.
  13. Maybe just a tour of dead stars homes would be appropriate. So long as they didn't drive by the gravesites, you know grave-robbers, the homes would probably be OK. They do that in Hollywood don't they ?
  14. Quite honestly of the hundreds of concerts I've gone to, the most I ever paid was for Page/Plant and that was $42.00. I've seen many of the big ticket bands, but WAY before they started charging exorbonent prices. This past year I paid $10-$25 for my tickets to a few of the best bands in my world.
  15. No probs...I'm glad you clarified. Can't have music fans misinformed! I think maybe there was aimilar story with The Small Faces, they were with Deram or Decca and by about their third LP the label "Immediate" was started, them being an inaugural group, but not sure if they had an ownership stake or not.
  16. An earlier poster said the exact same thing, And as far as the above post, I agree completely. Robert could be singing total gibberish and I still care more about his tone and presentation than what he was singing.
  17. If a dude "pitches a tent" in ZZTop's front yard, I'd say he'd get ushered out pronto. Those guys ARE NOT GAY !!!!!!!!!
  18. Hell yeah, Loggins and Messina would be a good one ! Loggins may have seemed the front man, but I believe Messina was really the driving force, musically. He's been great in Buffalo Springfield and Poco too. You can't beat that guitar solo in Angry Eyes !!!!
  19. Bruce Palmer, the Bass player is dead.
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