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  1. Not the same as Harlem but here's Pepperland.
  2. I thought the first post would say, LOSERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or maybe, SLAUGHTERED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Might also have been, EAGLES RULE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. IV is the ONLY one you could truly do that way. The first you could if you edited out the "Your time is Gonna Come" (incl. in Whole Lotta Love) from the Japan show, Sept. 24th, 1971, and a near full version of "Good Times, Bad Times" from say, the LA Forum "Blueberry Hill" show of September 1970. You'd need to edit the Black Mountain Side from one of the many White Summer/BMS versions available.
  4. Sad indeed. Can't forget the Friends either!!
  5. That cut out section maintains the theme of Frankenstein. Parts is parts. Maybe there is a spliced together ending to complete a fragmented version. BTW, its FRONKinSTEEN !!
  6. Oh shit, sorry, I remembered wrong. Jimmy played keyboards, it was Michael Allsup on guitar... I definately remember Floyd something on drums though.
  7. See if he has any memories of when 3 Dog Night had Chicago Transit Authority as their backup band. I'm sure 3 DN's guitarist, what was it, Jimmy Greenspoon? thought alot of Terry Kath.
  8. Best album to me is "It Ain't Easy" Woman (4:40) Cowboy (3:42) It Ain't Easy (2:46) Out In The Country (3:08) Good Feeling (3:46) Side 2: Rock & Roll Widow (2:56) Mama Told Me (Not To Come) (3:19) Your Song (4:01) Good Time Living (4:06)
  9. Doesn't the story of their name derive from an Australian saying about a cold night? It was a 3 Dog Night? (all them dogs wrapped around some cold dude Out in the Country? ) You forgot the rest of the song, Mama told me not to come. She obviously knew how to try and prevent a pregnancy.
  10. My remark was more about the "White Summer" reference than specifically psychedelic. I do think the music is pretty trippy though. I think the Yardbirds, including Jimmy's phase, had more psychedelic leanings than Led Zeppelin. And White Summer came from them. Go figure.
  11. Yes, I am talking about the psychoactive drugs not the physiological ones. I'm sorry for those who've O.D'd and lost their minds or lives, it is a risky slope. However, even with marijuana, that can aid in opening creative channels and that's not deadly or generally mind changing to create some sort of schized out zombie. If you were to ask me personally if I'm glad others have used drugs and it did enhance or create states to allow for creativity, I'd still say yes even if it was later proved to be detrimental in the long run. I'm glad for the creative moments that have obviously
  12. Dangone-it!! Things are so complicated now planning tours, all the periphery of lawyers and support, I long for the old days when a band just hit the circuit. The Chitlin' Circuit for instance. Kind of like how the Blues Brothers just showed up at the Honky Tonk, took the stage and started playing. The management thought they were the band they booked. Wouldn't it be fun if the 3 J's did that? Just came to some local club, set up and started playing !
  13. This person may have only heard the regular albums, and in that case I'd say "Black Mountain Side" instead of WS.
  14. There's a very good chance their music would've never been the same. It's not that drugs necessarily create talent and production, but certain drugs can definately open mental avenues that might've not been accessed otherwise and that CAN create inspiration that musicians might not normally tap into. So yes, I see certain drug usage as part of the creativity process and am thankful for it. That goes for much music I listen to, not just Led Zeppelin.
  15. Well you know dogs! They like to check each other's license tags and it looks like that little pooch let his curiosity bring him up real close. I loved my old dog, I even washed her face quite frequently so I could kiss her. The Girl I Love!
  16. It was in the single digits this morning and is now around 20 degrees. Clouds move in tomorrow with a warming trend and by Wednesday the high will be about 65.
  17. ^ Your dog needs to have it's face washed! ^
  18. Since I'm listening to the DVD soundtrack and In My Time of Dying just played, I'll make this thread my first post. I must admit though, as I type it's already gone to Trampled Underfoot, which is exactly what Robert Plant would do to Steve Marriott if they sung together. Steve has a great voice but he was a little guy. Robert would tower over him.
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