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  1. hello everyone, I'm newbie in this forum, and I'm glad that finally I join this forum. and i wanna ask a question that has been in my mind since a few years ago: does anybody has bootleg from earls court 23 may 1975? I've couldn't find it anywhere. I'm crazy about that date, because I've heard the other earl courts concert and makes me wonder how was the band sound from that night. especially for no quarter because I think no quarter is the highlight of the setlist in any earls court night, it sound different every night, and still awesome!! if anybody know, please tell me where can I get the bootleg, or at least give me a review about the concert performance. thank you for anyone that respond my question..
  2. hey guys, I know that TSRTS is mixed from three dates, but does anybody know the source that most significantly used for whole lotta love from TSRT? is it from 28th july 19 I like the middle jam part, but it's too short, unlike the previous tour.
  3. It's hard to pick, because there's so many great show. Let's see year by year but I will skip their 68-69 tour because personally I think It's too raw and bluesy. and for 1980, meh I can't stand of jimmy 1970: bath festival. the holy grail of zeppelin bootleg (but be careful of your ears because it's one of the worst audio quality of bootleg) 1971: tokyo in japan tour. robert voice was excellent. best bow solo. and 35 minutes of whole lotta love. Hell yeah!! 1972: japan tour again guys. you can pick anything from this tour 1973 : Hamburg show. europe 73 is brutal, their finest live technical ability. they showed why they are one of the best jam band in music industry. actually it's tie between hamburg and offenburg, but I choose hamburg because it contain the best dazed and confused live version, especially the outro jam, 1975: Seattle 21 march. the boys at the top at their game. best pearcy voice for 75, really impressive stairway to heaven solo, 40 minutes of dazed and confused (but for no quarter, the champion is 24 may earls court version, full of emotion) 1977: LA Forum 21 june (LTTE) . listen to intro of TSRTS and you can understand why bonzo was not human 1979: copenhagen. the best jimmy's playing since 73, I rate it far above knebworth. ooh and its nice to hear the 73 guitar tone again (am I wrong??) and finally I want to hear more of your expert opinion guys. cheers
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