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  1. Just watched a documentary about moonlandings with James May (Can't remember the name) In which it contained parts from Good Times Bad Times and part of the Harmonica Solo in When The Levee Breaks.
  2. When I was on a school trip to Poland I was in a random shop that sold a load of stuff from games, to music to hardware to clothes. I heard this "duh-du-duh! duh duh duh-du-duh!" on the radio and I knew straight away it was "The Song Remains the Same" It made me happy inside.
  3. Just got this message from Youtube from a comment I made on Since I've been loving you '73 look im a huger led zeppelin than you. stairway to heaven is the best song ever and always will be. every true led zeppelin fav song is stairway to heaven and/or kashmir. kashmir is the best riff. trampled underfoot was popish. so just shut your mouth up and go fuck your mom and you dont even have the real led zeppelin fan rules on your channel you son of a bitch My reply was commenting on how he was incredibly shallow for saying that Zep's best Solo was STH and their best riff was Kashmir and how
  4. My dad says he doesn't like Plants voice, it just irritates him and also that he thinks their live jams are just boring.
  5. When you feel the need to thank the store owner when a Led Zeppelin song comes on the store radio. It was a polish media store and it was the Song Remains the Same.
  6. It's almost a definite no. Sorry I also would love the pleasure of seeing Zeppelin live but Plant wont do it and it's just not right touring without Bonzo.
  7. I've been analysing the song All my Love and so far looking at several other meanings it seems the most reasonable is about plants son Karac who died at a young age but there is one line that confuses me and I haven't seen it discussed here. Proud Aryan one word, my will to sustain Now I don't know everything but wasn't Aryan the phrase used by hitler to describe the pure master race? Any help on this would be appreciated.
  8. Currently practicing Poison by Alice Cooper while we're on a bit of a break.
  9. Oh-ah-aaaaaaaaaah-ow! Oh-ah-aaaaaaaaaah-ow!
  10. Apparently the reason people think there is a satanic message is that the word 'There's' back-masks to Satan in the song, especially with the way Plant sings it. And with the fact that There's is used many times in StH, it's no surprise someone thought they heard something.
  11. Because Zeppelin were the biggest band in the world. Also I think it's because being with the other band members showed his real talent, he won't be able to release anything as brilliant as before without Zeppelin.
  12. One of my favourite openers is Celebration Day Her face is cracked from smiling, All the fears that shes been hiding, And it seems pretty soon everybody's gonna know.
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