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  1. i think smoking should be made illegal it seems to me to be the single worst thing you can do to your body given that lung cancer is supposedly the disease people fear the most i'm surprised so many people still do it
  2. funny how his opinion includes *him* in future events
  3. who cares what coverdale thinks he is one of the biggest embarrassments in music i wouldnt touch him, elliott or tyler with a bargepole that list of possibilties is rediculous!
  4. i wouldn't class them as psychedelic though - but maybe you're right
  5. it's a sad fact, but drug use and *life* go hand in hand! it's not just something that affects musicians and stars they are more prone because they have easy access and money don't feel sorry for/or question them, as they are the weakest of the bunch i'm sure it must be hard living with millions in the bank the pressure must be awful, so escape is obviously needed
  6. thank god for that hopefully all the *lesser mortals* will respect his wishes and stop crying get over it for god's sake
  7. hopefully it will and they will get proper jobs
  8. duke is a brilliant album also after that, well they sorta went down hill pc successfully tarnished their legacy damn him - never forgiven <S>
  9. i am certain, if he had the chance to record the earlier albums again, he would - with less *angry witch* syndrome but then, maybe the songs wouldnt have worked as well as they did it's all relative anyway - they are what they are and i love him/them for it *you may be done with the past, but the past isn't done with you*
  10. ...not everyone loved robert's voice even die hard fans wince at the high notes but the job was perfect for him and he made it his own no one else could have done it - period!
  11. Venus


    whoever is suffering from tinnitus has my sympathy it's hard to explain to non-sufferers just how bad the condition is just horrible!
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