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  1. I'm like that with a lot of songs. For me the coda of most songs isn't that interesting so I'll just skip to the next song.
  2. Even before reading the book I usually stopped the song before the final words so I kind of agree with him.
  3. Isn't it kind of unfair to compare composers from two to three hundred years ago to today? There were far fewer genres and far fewer songs then so wouldn't it be significantly easier to have a unique style and create something completely original? And even though this could never be proven do we know for a fact that they didn't lift anything from unknown local musicians? Remember there wasn't an established publishing or recording industry back then so I'm thinking it would be easy to do that.
  4. Perhaps it was the tone of your post that implied yet another accusation of LZ plagiarism. I don't know or care what you know. My quote referred to my frustration over the vast hordes of people who are constantly making accusations against the band without finding out what the real story is first. If that makes me a smart ass then so be it. And yes I did know the story about Ms. Relf. If you don't want anything other than nice replies to your posts perhaps you should try to not be such an ass yourself. Letting people know how to push your buttons in a public forum is not a very good idea. You
  5. Page co-wrote this with Relf. Was never released on a Yardbirds album. Page dusted it off and reworked it for LZIII. Do some research people.
  6. You do realize Page wrote that song with Jim McCarty, right?
  7. About as similar as a kiss on the cheek and a brick to the head.
  8. This is the reason I've always thought why Jones wasn't included. With him involved most people would have looked at this as a reunion with all of the attendant expectations - Zep-like music, mostly Zep setlist. Without him P/P had the freedom to do something different and not be burdened with the weight of their past.
  9. It was part of the HMMT medley for all shows at the time. Are you saying Robbie only made a gesture at American shows? And what kind of gesture? Spreading his ring and middle finger and licking between them? And why not gestures at other lines like "I'm gonna give you every inch of my love" while grinding away at Page's butt? They were a rock band not a rap band. Robert did a lot of posing but doing something overtly sexual in 69-70? When police were ready to beat down audience members who merely stood up? As far as your comment about cunnilingus I'm assuming you are being a little sarcastic s
  10. I've only heard the cheering during American shows. Since our culture has always been less mature about sex than Europe's we would be more prone to giggling at sexual references.
  11. His voice sounded good but I couldn't get past 1 minute of any song. Too slow and low-key. One or two songs like this on an album are ok but every song? This is something I'd listen to after swallowing a bottle of oxycontin and a few shots of whiskey. I'm afraid I'm a little too young for the kind of music Bobby's into these days. I respect him doing what he enjoys instead of what many would want him to do it's just too bad his taste and mine are so far apart. Oh well at least he hasn't done rap or hip-hop.
  12. In Trampled Underfoot the line is "Baby let me check your points". Robert repeated that verse a few times during the '75 tour after they were done playing TU and that's what he said.
  13. I also liked it better than 7/7/80.
  14. I think he's saying that because your statement that he quoted seems to imply that The Yardbirds were already playing I'm Confused before Page joined the band instead of the fact that Jimmy was in the Yardbirds and therefore is one of the original "Lifters and Rearrangers". Since he (probably) did the bulk of the rearranging, when he brought it into Zeppelin it would naturally sound close to The Yardbirds version. You could look at it as if he spent a year-and-a-half reworking and perfecting it. Jimmy, how hard would putting ,Holmes after your name under the song title have been?
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