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  1. Ha! I know! I always tell my friends that it sounds like Zeus is throwing thunders from the Olympus to Jimmy guitars frets. So face melting.
  2. This song is epic to me because of the two solos by Robert and Jimmy. They're both great, but I personally think Plant's solo defeats Jimmy by a hair string. Seriously, if Robert were a guitar player, he would be siiick!! So? whadayasay?
  3. If you're into Led..then I strongly suggest seeking music from the early nineties and down.
  4. Google is your friend. Just did a quick search on absolute radio, london...click the fourth or fifth result down...and voila! Thanks to the OP for the heads up!
  5. "It is the spring time of my loving, the second season...I am to know.." I don't know but every time I hear or read the word spring The Rain Song immediately pops up in my mind. Anyway, I live in Long Island, New York, and the weather here is awful right now. It's snowing, later on we're gonna have sleet, and then believe it or not, they're predicting hailing!
  6. At the time Robert's voice was heavily affected by his unhealthy condition after the accident in Greece. I recall that most (if not all) of the album was recorder while Robert sitting on a wheelchair. Most likely there was a joke behind that sound, given Plant's sense of humor, as one would find it difficult to come up with that snorting out of the blue in the middle of recording an album.
  7. I agree 100%. It's no secret how deep was Jimmy into the occult and into Crowley teachings. One would say that all the aspects of whatever he was be believing in (symbols, places, characters etc.) is what formed or identified him during the Led Zeppelin era, and as secretive as Jimmy is, who knows what other practices he did/does nowadays. Obviously none of this changes my respect for him as a guitar player, but like Allison says, you just don't get away from that stuff as easily. These are my 2 cents.
  8. He was correcting you because you over-exaggerated the length of the song. Danalectro59, I used to feel the exact same way you do, and your first post on the thread reflected my exact thoughts. I could find plenty of killer drum beats by Bonzo such as the intro on When The Levee Breaks, or NFBM, but after listening to ALS for a few consecutive times, I now realize how amazing that song is. See I used to hate the fast paced rhythm of the song...no mellow melody, no killer solo, and it sounded the same all throughout the song. However, i understand that every LZ song has its background, there's a mood in each song. In other words, when I hear When The Levee Breaks, I think of a huge storm approaching, a hurricane preparing to blow an entire city away; only because the roots of the song come from a blues song about a great flood that happened long ago. Same thing for ALS; achilles as we know was one of the greatest warriors ever, thus thinking about war, battling, fighting, etc..makes the feel and rhythm of the song a lot fitting. You kinda have to put yourself in the moment, and you'll fell the epicness. Kashmir, another song that puts my mind in the middle of a desert, or the middle east. I now like a lot of song I didn't like when I was younger, and viceversa, but it's all because I didn't put my mind in it. The Rover can say that it's a song for 12 year olds, I however HATED that song when I was at that age. As you grow your taste changes obviously, and it's true that to each its own, but I never hurts to see or hear things from a different perspective once in a while
  9. Even though I used to be a huge Gn'R fan, this bit killed me:
  10. I doubt it. A lot of their songs have imagery of places from the UK. I think they were quite happy there
  11. I frggin' LOVE Jonesy's work on the following songs: What Is and What Should Never Be (the whole song) The Lemon Song - same as above. Heartbreaker (specially when Percy starts singing!) The beginning of Dazed and Confused The organ on Your Time is Gonna Come The mandolin on The Battle of Evermore Trampled Under Foot of course For Your life! that bass kills me everytime! Achilles Last Stand... he and Bonzo = EPICNESS Fool in The Rain And many more... Yeah, it would have been easier to say 80% of all LZ songs, but there are those bits that make me wish I knew how to play bass! I think John Paul Jones had to be the most professional musician in the group. He knows how to play nearly every godam instrument! He and Bonzo shall remain as the backbone of Led Zeppelin... it was because of them, the reason why Plant and Jimmy could be so flexible and do nearly what they wanted during concerts.
  12. I couldn't agree more with everything you said. JPJ was amazing, and also Jimmy sounded spot on. About the Dave Grohl part; just today I was thinking what would happen if they had him instead of JB. OK, Jason is John's son, but that doesn't exactly mean he plays like him or better than other experienced drummers (such as Grohl). While I don't admire Nirvana a lot, I do appreciate the drumming by Dave, and I think that he would be a good choice as a drummer of LZ. And yeah, he was pumped because he's such a great fan
  13. Oswaldo


    Yep, that's the nature of online forums , off-topicness is contagious.
  14. I hear what you mean on ALS, but nothing on Heartbreaker. Hell, I'd be more creeped out when Percy does "that" sound at 5:29 - 5:33 on For Your Life. I know why he did it though
  15. Oswaldo

    BLACK ZEP fan

    Hey welcome aboard pal! And kuddos to you for standing up for yourself and not being driven by peer pressure. I agree with you 100% on the powerful part, I also find myself needing LZ in good times and bad times (), Led Zeppelin does gives me that energy right when I need it, and no other band is able to do that. Looking forward to your stories... rock on!
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