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  1. It's the down-homey insults that cut the deepest 😔
  2. ‘Fresh Cream’: Cream's Stunning Debut Rises To The Top | uDiscover (udiscovermusic.com)
  3. You post like your boss,the one who lost.Your challenge is time wasting,egotistical and when unaccepted,made to look like the challenger is the loser. Your apparent 6 figure salary may be the time to tell folk again about....and the fact that that you slap women.
  4. The first 52 seconds of this trailer explain how Hillsdale and you,SteveAJones would try to rewrite your history with Lucas Morel speaking for Martin Luther King? Civil Rights in American History | Hillsdale College Online Courses "The true meaning and history of civil rights in America???" And with guests like this it reaffirms what utter crap you'd like the young (and older naive who aren't happy with history) to be taught.
  5. The king has announced that his legal mouthpiece,Dribbly Hairdyelani has COVID-19.This may,or may not be true.No-one knows anymore,especially those living in the kingdom of Norton Stamp who continues to gather his subjects into large groups where they infect each other and listen to king Norton Stamp's funny old stories until Stamp tires and goes home in his jetty flyer waving at them and leaving them out in the cold when the young must help the old and sickly walk back because the king was shown the bill for the buses.One could count the number of attendees by counting the dropped cardboard s
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