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    The Evolution Of The Drum Set

    Alright 👍 A testament to the human spirit.
  2. Daniel Glass,an excellent drummer in his own right walks us through the history of the drum kit including cymbals,hi-hats etc. Gene Krupa and other legends are also featured.The video is broken up into episodes making it easy to return to if you're time poor and was recommended to me by my drum teacher.
  3. Ross62

    Stevie Ray Vaughan

    Though we don’t have the opportunity of seeing Bowie and Vaughan perform together, several taped rehearsal performances exist, including this excellent version of “Let’s Dance,” on which Vaughan contributes his characteristic stinging Strat work. Nile Rodgers, who played guitar and co-produced the album with Bowie, is featured as well
  4. Ross62

    The Evolution Of The Drum Set

    That was different.
  5. Ross62

    The Evolution Of The Drum Set

    ^ Yeah,many instruments of death have been secreted in short hair 😲 ^ I nearly bought a set of 3 Roto-toms last week in a job lot of shitty old drums for $20 but I couldn't justify the cost of buying new heads for them versus the use they'd get.
  6. Ross62

    The Evolution Of The Drum Set

    That cop looks highly suspicious smiling like that.
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    😁 It does look good inside.
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    Sydney-siders or those who've visited that city,the South Steyne Manly ferry is for sale.She's been refurbished and has quite a history. http://www.boatsales.com.au/boats/details/1950-FERRY-Large-Capacity-Function-Ferry/SSE-AD-4873323/
  9. Ross62

    Random Thoughts v.3

    ^ Hello Madame Slave, Great to see you too.
  10. Ross62

    Pink Floyd Topic

    Today in 1965, Syd Barrett with Those Without...
  11. Ross62

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Hi Deb, Wishing you all the best for 2019 too! Kind regards
  12. Ross62

    Make me laugh!

    Not my creation.
  13. ...couldn't the recent interview have been titled "John Paul - Geddy's?"
  14. Ross62

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    Fair enough.I found this quote; Led Zeppelin biographer Mick Wall reveals, in the 2009 update of "When Giants Walked the Earth," that Tyler was sick and his voice was hoarse on the two days of his rehearsals. Add in Joe Perry's secondhand account that his Aerosmith bandmate apparently couldn't remember many of the words to the Led Zeppelin songs they tried to play, and you get a picture of why Page apparently used the word "shambolic" to describe Tyler's audition. The vibe of the audition only worsened when the idea of new music was proposed, Wall reports. His book, the latest in a long list of Led Zeppelin biographies Page has denounced, says that when Page, Jones and Bonham played some of their new material to him, Tyler announced he wasn't into it. Playing the part of the pessimistic A&R man in Tom Petty's "Into the Great Wide Open," Tyler said he didn't hear a single. Further, he suggested that Page and company would be better off commercially if he could introduce some material he'd been working on with his co-collaborator, Marti Frederiksen. Wall writes: Despite the allegedly abrupt ending of their interactions, Tyler's presence in the rehearsal room was quickly blurted to the U.K. Daily Mail tabloid. In an exclusive report, Katie Nicholl characterized the musicians' interactions as "secret rehearsals" and also quoted an unnamed source as informing her: Only a few days later, Aerosmith's Brad Whitford commented on the news, saying that Page and Tyler primarily "did it for fun." However, Whitford also said there was probably an ulterior motive: Their publicly disclosing Tyler's audition might have been a way to coax Robert Plant back into the fold, Whitford said. His theory certainly jibed with the comments from Dee Snider that Myles Kennedy's presence was a ploy to convince Plant they were serious about touring with or without him.
  15. Ross62

    The 80s Thread

    I watched some of an 80's episode of an old music program recently and was reminded of the removal of the bottom (resonant) tom heads that was the in thing then and in the 70's too 😀
  16. Ross62

    Make me laugh!

  17. Ross62

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    That's a new one on me.I've not read or heard that before.
  18. Ross62

    Greta Van Fleet

    Good,I hope the concert's an enjoyable one.
  19. Ross62

    Cream Thread

    50 Years Ago: Cream Said Farewell At The Royal Albert Hall. Published on November 26, 2018 By Richard Havers London’s Royal Albert Hall, despite hosting concerts by the Rolling Stones, Beatles, Bob Dylan and others over the previous five years, was in 1968 seen by most people as the UK’s home of classical music. And while there had been rock concerts there before, there was never a rock concert as intense and as significant as the one on 26 November 1968 when Cream officially said farewell as a band.In their two years of existence their success had been phenomenal; they conquered America, fell out with one another and redefined what a rock trio with blues sensibilities could achieve. There is not a band that followed Cream with a similar line-up that was not influenced by them. Cream became the template for heavy metal and yet their respect for the blues and Jack Bruce’s huge musical talent for composition always gave them an edge over their rivals.Prior to playing two nights at the Royal Albert Hall they had completed a gruelling 19-city tour of America, before the two back-to-back nights on 25 and 26 November. The opening acts for their farewell show were Yes, still 8 months away from releasing their brilliant debut record and using Leonard Bernstein’s ‘Something Coming’ from West Side Story as the highlight of their set, and Taste, Rory Gallagher’s band, who like Cream were a three piece and one that was also steeped in the blues.Cream’s set included classic blues covers including, ‘I’m So Glad’ (Skip James), ‘Sitting on Top of the World’ (Mississippi Sheiks), ‘Cross Roads’ (Robert Johnson), ‘Steppin’ Out’ (Memphis Slim) and ‘Spoonful’ (Howlin’ Wolf) along with the band’s compositions, ‘White Room’, ‘Politician’, ‘Toad’, with Ginger’s long drum solo and of course, ‘Sunshine of Your Love’, the song that broke Cream in America.Cream’s farewell concerts were filmed by Tony Palmer, and the following year his insightful documentary was broadcast on the BBC to great critical acclaim. It was originally planned to release the concerts a double album, but eventually the idea was scrapped and instead Goodbye was issued in February 1969 with some live songs and three songs recorded at IBC Studios in London in October 1968; the live cuts were taken from a show at the LA Forum in October 1968.While Cream’s Farewell shows were perhaps inevitably not their best, there is no denying the importance, both in the folklore of the band and in rock music in general. How could a band last for little over two years, be so successful and then break up? In fact what they were doing was setting a template of another kind. The whole business of supergroups were to be prove to be the thing in the Seventies, starting with Blind Faith that Eric and Ginger formed with Steve Winwood and Ric Grech in early 1969.