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  1. Now, I should first mention that I enjoy both mediums(text and film). And I have a creative urge to tell stories. However, I'm having trouble deciding which path is best to choose. I know the basics of the craft of writing and filming, I just don't know which to expand. Films, at first glance for me, is the most enjoyable medium for being told a story. But the amount of work and money it takes to even get started on your creative piece is very difficult, even for very low-budgets. Not to mention that the amount of collaboration involved could stifle your original vision. Based on this, I'm
  2. I didn't find any other topic like this, so I'll start it. Let's talk about how much you love to smoke. Cigarettes in particular, but it can be anything else. Like the wrongfully illegal marijuana, or paper, I guess, if anyone smokes paper.
  3. What does it mean to be musically wrong? Or right for that matter? As people here have already said, if it sounds good, it's music to you. Others have also explained how Black Dog can fit into music theory just nicely and that your friend should know a little bit more about it before making overly pretentious statements.
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