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  1. Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Sentenced - End of the Road (My day has been good enough, but I'm feeling sad about Miika Tenkula's fate)
  2. Hermann Hesse - Siddhartha
  3. Skenet Bedrar - Kaipa http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r45TUGoNQAE...&playnext=1
  4. Grass for Blades - Wigwam and Stairway to Heaven - LZ
  5. Merry Clayton and Tarja Turunen are the first that come to mind at the moment.
  6. Absolutely glorious! Yesterday we had the first gentle summer rain this year, and now the sun is shining again.
  7. I just found Amorphis' new single Silver Bride from Youtube, and now I'm listening it the third time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zw7djHjrNcE
  8. I've watched way too much TV over the Easter. On Saturday-Sunday night I watched most of the televised Eastern Orthodox Midnight Office, which was pretty charming, but the rest has been just boring.
  9. I know very little about Richard Cole and his book, but imagine that If he wrote the book because he needed money, he may have had mixed feelings about the project, and those feelings also may have affected the outcome. Perhaps he felt pressured to give the publishing house what they wanted (probably mostly scandals and private matters, since the publishing editor / ghostwriter didn't check many of the facts in the book), but felt bad doing it and told things inaccurately to blur the line between fact and fiction.
  10. Do you think it's possible that Cole didn't want all the information in his book to be accurate and credible?
  11. A translation of Toni Morrison's Sula.
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