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  1. There really is no other explanation. I've been trying to find one for forty years and I just can't.
  2. Thank God for Google Translate. Yes, this is rock and roll history...........the good kind.
  3. That's one of the truly greatest Rush tunes ever......
  4. I liked them better without Steve Perry, the music they played at the time was almost as big as Neil Schon's afro. Seriously, it was almost prog rock hell but it was well played..... I did like that first album with Perry but after that I pretty much lost interest. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnSIurA0euk&feature=related
  5. I don't care for it either. What is there to focus on, the drugs and the arguments? I think I'll take a raincheck here.
  6. Everything by The Band that I own, which is everything they ever recorded. RIP Levon.
  7. Sadder than words can express.......peace Levon, peace.
  8. Rush is so damned good now. Great tune.
  9. This is very sad to read. I just hope Levon has his family and friends around him during all of this. Very very sad.
  10. Aside from Carouselambra I listen to everything. Some tunes are more worthy than others but really there's nothing they ever did that's unlistenable. I love it all........ Except Carouselambra.
  11. The London Olympic organizers approached Who management recently to ask if Keith Moon would be interested in playing at the Olympic closing ceremonies. Honest. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/olympics-organizers-ask-keith-moon-to-play-closing-ceremony-20120413
  12. Aerosmith with Cheap Trick opening for them. They're rolling through my area in June and I'm thinking of going. Maybe.....lol
  13. I heard this on the TV commercial for Internet Explorer 9. The video is dumb as hell but the tune itself is pretty good..........
  14. Twenty eight years since Reckoning was first released???? Christ I feel so damned old..........
  15. I broke my personal "never buy mp3 files" rule and bought the latest Rolling Stones archive live show from '75. I had to. I still have no idea what they don't offer FLAC to American customers.......
  16. Little Village was a one off band thing in 1992, they did an album then a tour then broke up and went back to their solo careers. I never got a chance to see them live, I wish I did. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyDZVrRqAQs
  17. dazedcat


    It's a pity Kossoff couldn't get control of his demons, he was a great player. I bought the "Backstreet Crawler" collection a couple years ago and that really showed where he might have gone musicially. The 38 minute version of "Time Away" is almost worth the price of that entire set.
  18. "Good Morning Little School Girl" - Johnny Winter And (Bobby Caldwell) "Pure and Easy" - The Who (Keith Moon) "Punk Jazz" - Weather Report (Tony Williams)
  19. This is too damned cool for words. The tunes fit together very well. Thanks for the link.
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