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  1. Hawks looked great in their 6-0 shutout over the Coyotes. Huet's second shutout.
  2. Vasili


    I can honestly say that I've never, ever had a bad day. So, I guess I can also say that I've never had a bad year if you extrapolate that over 365 days.
  3. It was sad to see the Hawks lose. I once met The Golden Jet at O'Hare in 1969 and got his autograph. I was 9 and in awe of him. Not as much anymore...but I still love the old guy.
  4. Vasili


    Some Patron Anejo Tequila and The Poet Stout from New Holland Brewing co.
  5. Awesome!!! Here's another angle...
  6. Thanks!!! Yeah I have many paintings that I've done over the years Here's one. Can you guess where the idea came from?
  7. Thanks to all, for the kind words! You all pretty much found most of the symbols. One I think that might have been overlooked was the May Queen emerging from the hedgerow on the right. The photo isn't great, so it's easy to miss.
  8. Just having a little champagne and tequila! Happy New Years to all!!!
  9. Hi all! I posted a bit at the old forum and this is my first post here in the new one. Good to see this place is thriving. Here's a Zeppelin related oil painting I finished recently. I used symbols from a couple of their songs in it. Can anyone find all the symbols?
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