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  1. A great show and one of my absolute favourites.
  2. This is a great release in fantastic sound. Well, well worth a listen.
  3. Some of the stuff I've seen on there has been hysterical, but I am surprised that they don't get someone who is more fluent in English to do those translations. Mind you, their English is better than my Japanese (non existent).
  4. The site 'Giginjapan.com' is not only a good place to go for what is new in the world of shiny silver discs, if can also provide some much needed unintentional humour as well. Some of the sites English translations have been stone cold classics over the years but I think that they have now outdone themselves. A new release of the Sydney Showgrounds show from 1972 includes those old favourites ' Snowdonia's Hut ' (I'm guessing they mean 'Bron Yr Aur Stomp'), ' Ai Full Of Heart ' (No me neither) and ' What Is And What Shoulder Be' ( I'm guessing ' What Is And What Should Never Be'). Well,it made
  5. I honestly have never had any interest in the officially released live albums, with the exception of the 'BBC Sessions' original double, and I've never heard any of them. I can see the remaining band members point about these releases being their legacy and I know that news of any new archive release obviously comes with certain expectations but, as I've said, patched in vocals, pointless editing down the length of guitar solos and general chopping and changing do nothing for me at all. The example you've given above from that Forum show illustrates things perfectly. Just why doctor a genuine
  6. The title I have of this show is indeed of a Japanese broadcast and the sound quality is fantastic. I would be interested to know why you do not consider it a true 'boot'. As it includes, to the best of my knowledge, the complete show, and not the truncated versions that have been officially released, does that not qualify it? As a side note to Mr.Page, Jimmy why not just release these archive shows as they are? I can live live with the odd off key vocal or the occasional clanger dropped on the guitar. I think a fair number of fans would agree. I want to hear what that band of yours sounded li
  7. If it really was down to one choice, and for a few sentimental reasons, I'd plump for 'Conquistador' (Earls Court Arena, London, 25/5/75. Its an excellent sounding soundboard, with a few audience patches, of the last show of the five at this venue. The sentimentality comes in with the fact that I was there with my then girlfriend, who's now my wife, and the excitement of actually seeing Led Zeppelin was something I can still remember today.) I would though also give honourable mentions to 'Going To California' (Berkeley, 14/9/71, a simply thunderous show and a must have), ' V1/2' (Seattle, 17/
  8. A piece that the band played that, for me, never got tedious and was always enjoyable to hear. In my opinion, 1975 was the peak for this atmospheric monster of a live set piece.
  9. Indulgent my behind, this is a terrific read composed with passion. Thanks.
  10. I haven't been on this page for a while, anything been happening ? 😉
  11. I'm no expert but I've never read, heard, or even fallen over in the street any reference to the band performing Free's 'Heartbreaker', good luck in that search.
  12. This picture really brings back memories of when the only real option for either obtaining or sharing new, live Led Zeppelin was via the trusty old cassette medium. I, probably like a lot of folks on this forum, had box's full of these things. This is a terrific show that I always felt has somewhat slipped under the radar when it comes to appreciating the band. Those Earls Court performances were a huge deal for the U.K. at the time, and also probably the band as well, and were a definite peak, one of many, for the group. Now then, where did I leave all those bloody boxes?
  13. Beautiful looking collection there.
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