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  1. One morning,around about thirty years ago,I was sitting in my building site canteen.I'm having a last look at the sports page just before we all have to go out to work.In walks the site manager with some very sad news.One of the assistant managers,who was a reasonable age,we were told had died in his sleep the night before.The vast majority of us were pretty stunned by this and muttered the usual platitudes.One of the lads however,absolutely burst out laughing and couldn't stop.I only mention this to illustrate the different way people react to a tragedy.The lad laughing meant no harm or disrespect I'm sure,it was just his first reaction.My reaction depends on the circumstances.Basically,nobody badly hurt?You can have a laugh.Someone badly hurt?Respectful silence.
  2. Dan,I usually have a look at your posts.They are normally good for a smirk as I feel that a good bit of what you post is pretty tongue in cheek but now and again you go off the rails.Well mate,you've left the tracks days ago with some of the stuff your banging out lately.For the love of Mike,all Irish and Welsh people do not HATE the English.Of course I want to see Wales hammer you in every sporting event going,thats only natural,but HATE you and your part of Great Britain?Never.Working in the building trade all my life,I've also come across a good number of Irish lads.The vast majority,even allowing for the history between the islands of Ireland and the U.K., feel exactly the same way as myself.Maybe you've had bad experiences with people in the past,I don't know,but don't tar us all with the same brush because we are all not the same.The one area I could find some agreement with you on this subject is the Scots.To virtually a man they do indeed hate the English,and I mean hate.It doesn't stop the so and so's all leaving Scotland to chase the money when they have too mind you,but maybe that's me being cynical.Changing the subject a bit,let them have that "independence".They'll be bankrupt within six months.Anyhow that's enough from me,proud to be Welsh,proud to be British.
  3. Walesdad

    Pet Peeves

    "Whatever".That phrase makes me want to kill the person who has just uttered it.
  4. You know how in Britain we are all part of some "community" or other,except those that have no wish to be part of the wider British community,well I read some dope actually refering to,and I quote,"....the sex offender community".
  5. Walesdad

    High School

    Many congratulations.Advice?As your parents have undoubtable already told you,don't drink too much and DO NOT TAKE DRUGS.Have a great life.
  6. Walesdad

    Pet Peeves

    118 degrees!!!God almighty,you cook the food at those temperatures not shop for it.
  7. In the U.K. there are four channels (BBC 1,2,3 and funnily enough 4) that show no commercials whatsoever.I hardly watch TV these days,but with the honourable exception of TCM,anything I do watch is usually on those channels.I cannot abide the bombarding of the viewer by the adverts on TV now,any film is,for me,virtually unwatchable on one of the commercial channels and almost all the programmes have no interest for me whatsoever.Regarding the ads themselves,I do not remember ever buying a product after seeing a TV commercial.Maybe its me,but we all have a multitude of channels to choose from but the programmes are complete lowest common denominator trash.
  8. Thanks for posting this,it looks a great item but way out of my price range for what they'll charge for it in the U.K.I hope they put out a economy version with just the music.
  9. Walesdad

    Pet Peeves

    The culprits are usually women.Why,oh why when they shop in a supermarket can they not move their bl***y trolley out of the way of the middle of the aisle.If only they could,every other poor soul in the place would be able to get past them.Drives me around the twist,end of rant.
  10. Spidersandsnakes,governments have no money except what they accrue from taxpayers.As a taxpayer in the U.K.,where I am ripped off left,right and centre with a quarter of my wages taken away from me even before I get it,why the **** should I subsidise someone elses wife/partner/soul mate etc,so that she can stay home and more than likely produce more kids for the rest of the population to pay for?
  11. Walesdad

    Crazy Kid Stuff

    I never made a tennis ball canon,but a few of us did once roll a very large snowball,and I mean large,into the lift of the ten storey block of flats where I lived and threw it off the balcony on floor ten.Upon landing it literally sounded like I would imagine a bomb going off would sound like.Any car underneath would have been crushed,anyone in the car would have been pulverised.Oh happy days.
  12. I've not heard every note he's ever played but the only thing I've ever liked by the man,apart from some of the tracks on '461 Ocean Boulevard ',is his guitar playing on the 'Live Peace In Toronto',Plastic Ono Band album.The word blistering does it justice.Now can you keep your ass out of this forum mate?
  13. I've not mentioned plate tectonics or volcanism,what I did mention was how can a terrible event like the Japanese tragedy be due to free will.As someone who has proclaimed that I am still split down the middle concerning belief in God,what sort of almighty creator is it that is willing to see the destruction of tens of thousands of his innocent creations in return for others gaining anything from that destruction?I can't answer it Brad and I don't think you can either.
  14. With respect friend,how is the recent devastation in Japan say,anything to do with free will.
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