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  1. I'm no expert but I've never read, heard, or even fallen over in the street any reference to the band performing Free's 'Heartbreaker', good luck in that search.
  2. This picture really brings back memories of when the only real option for either obtaining or sharing new, live Led Zeppelin was via the trusty old cassette medium. I, probably like a lot of folks on this forum, had box's full of these things. This is a terrific show that I always felt has somewhat slipped under the radar when it comes to appreciating the band. Those Earls Court performances were a huge deal for the U.K. at the time, and also probably the band as well, and were a definite peak, one of many, for the group. Now then, where did I leave all those bloody boxes?
  3. Beautiful looking collection there.
  4. After all these years, still these gems keep turning up.Thanks for sharing.
  5. I've never actually got around to listening to the April 28th show from Cleveland, immortalized as 'The Destroyer' on cd and vinyl. I should put that right.
  6. This was the first step for me, and I'll bet quite a few more of a certain age, into the world of live Led Zeppelin recordings. There are better 1977 shows out there, but this is still great to hear.I haven't heard it for a while, might just give it a go.
  7. And this is another belter too. Your probably right about about the nostalgia effect,but for me,and I can see all the arguments on either side,you just cannot beat holding and listening too a really good sounding vinyl or cd version of some of these classic shows.Cheers again.
  8. Like 'Fillmore West 1969', another one of the absolute cornerstone albums of any live Led Zeppelin collection. Thanks for sharing the images,wonderful to see them.
  9. Great to see the images of some classic boots.
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