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  1. pimmyjage

    Earl's Court 25/05 best version

    I agree on "Keep Taking The Pills" and “King Jimmy and the West Bromwich Blues Band. Both are excellent choices.
  2. I will stick with my Winston Remaster, How The West Was Redone.
  3. pimmyjage


    I would not be surprised if we see the live anthology Jimmy has spoken of in the past. He has had plenty of time to wade through the available material and compile what would be included on such a release. Perhaps his recent interest in bootleg recordings served as a reference point for particular shows/songs that make the grade.
  4. pimmyjage

    New book on Earls Court concerts 'Five Glorious Nights'

    I just received mine today, #249. Upon initial review it is a piece of art and very well put together. Contained are fantastic images, many I have never seen (and I have seen many) on very high quality stock. Dave is to be congratulated on putting together this incredible book.
  5. pimmyjage

    Explore the new "interactive music video for "Trampled Under Foot".

    Yes that is a very nice video! The blonde looks smokin
  6. pimmyjage

    Explore the new "interactive music video for "Trampled Under Foot".

    very cool...some pretty funny stuff in there....the stoned hippie woman, that is great!
  7. pimmyjage

    Opinions needed on LZ repurchases

    Sorry about that....i guess anyones decision would be based on the sound system they have to play it on. Personally i prefer the vinyl offering of the remasters for all of the aspects they offer. That being said the cd's sound great as well so you can't go wrong with any format of the latest remasters.
  8. pimmyjage

    Super Deluxe Books

    From what i have read they will remain as part of the super deluxe box sets only. Releasing them outside of that format would diminish the collectable factor of purchasing these sets to begin with.
  9. pimmyjage

    Playback Options for HD Download tracks?

    I play these files through my main stereo system (Yamaha RXA 3000 /JBL's), via Apple TV. Through I tunes I am able to mirror my MAC and utilize a FLAC player ( I use VLC) to play the files. I have also converted the FLAC files to the Apple lossless format and can play those thru ITunes on my stereo as well. To my ears these files are the superior listening source for the new remasters.
  10. pimmyjage

    PG Super Deluxe Box packaging defects

    Outer box was cracked on the corners. Amazon had a replacement to me in less than 24 hrs. The vinyl was perfect (first one out of all of them)
  11. pimmyjage

    Opinions needed on LZ repurchases

    The new remasters are the only way to go. Forget the rest, these are the best....Personally I have purchased all of the SD box sets and am very pleased.
  12. I - 5323 II - 28291 III - 7955 IV - 9834 HOTH - 23918 PG - 2097
  13. The problem lies within the LP's...no need to worry about the CD's
  14. The run off will have P USA on it
  15. I received both of my Super Deluxe box sets and regretfully they are both Pallas Pressings. The Ocean has distortion through out and Led IV, STH has a big flaw in the pressing near the end and the bonus disk has a two big skips on Black Dog....didn't even bother with the rest of the disk. Thankfully I purchased them through Amazon, but I am worried I will receive Pallas pressings again. From what I have heard there have been a lot of issues with them. Listening to the high def downloads, incredible sound!