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  1. I do believe this is Page's score. I own LR that Bobby BeauSoleil did and this isn't it. I know Page used a lot of keyboards for the soundtract. My bet is this is the real deal. Bobby BeauSoleil has a MySpace page with his music from LR on it if you want to find it to compare.
  2. Things just seemed better organized for the 2003 releases of HTWWW and the LZ DVD. The press releases stated correctly what the products were, and they were widely available (at less locally for me) the day of release. In fact, all the music places I shop at had dedicated display areas for them. This time around confusion seems to have crept in. For one, I pre-ordered the Collectors Edition DVD, which at the time the press release stated the soundtrack CD would be included. Therefore, I didn't order the soundtrack at that time. The product description on Amazon said 2 discs, so when I opened my DVD package last week, I was disappointed in not finding a CD in there. Oh well, I went out and bought the soundtrack anyway. Mainly because I so dearly love the original soundtrack version of NQ. Yes, that very 1:30 minutes of Page's solo is the reason I re-bought something I already have on vinyl and the old CD mix. Soundwise, it is lovely, but I see no logical reason for the film edited version on a soundtrack album that IMHO was fine, it just needed some cleaning up. Had I known NQ had been cut, I never would have bought the CD. Then there's the difficulty in finding these newer releases. A friend of mine in another state went to three different stores the day of release before he was able to purchase both CD and DVD. And record companies wonder why people prefer to download music these days... All in all, he said he drove around for about an hour and a half wasting gas and his time. Led Zeppelin is my favorite band ever. I was blown away by the 2003 releases. I love the new TSRTS DVD, although I wish it contained more unseen footage, but I'm very happy with the film. The CD however, has left me cold and for the first time disappointed with something Page has produced. Hell, I even loved Coda.
  3. The Legend of Aleister Crowley by P.R Stephensen. The Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch by Henry Miller. Sit Down and Shut Up by Brad Warner. I generally keep 3-4 different style/subject books going at once. Keeps the mind fresh.
  4. Considering that publishing companies are trying their best to do away with internet tab the way they did with Napster, I doubt a section like this will be added. Not to mention the availablity of official LZ tab books out there for purchase.
  5. As much as I enjoy the sound of the CD, I just can't get over my disappointment of the cut version of No Quarter being on there. When I first heard of this release my thought was, 'YES! Now I can hear a cleaned up version of No Quarter!' NQ being the highlight of the soundtrack for me. As a guitar player, I've always considered the song to have some of Jimmy's most interesting and tasteful playing on it. Why on earth was the film version used????
  6. The DVD looks and sounds great. However, I'm very disappointed that the new soundtrack is of the film rahter than the soundtrack proper that I grew up with. I guess I'm just gonna have to live with the older CD version, tired mix and all. Well, I still have my vinyl version too!
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