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  1. i'm trying to find a shirt featuring the Led Zeppelin I album art on the white shirt, like in wayne's world - but I can't find one
  2. I'm only 18 I came across "older" music simply by going back to the roots. I grew up with Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam and Sublime (hearing it on the radio) and was very interested in this rock and roll stuff. I then started trying to find out who these bands got inspiration from, and came across a lot of 80's punk and thrash metal stuff, Dead Kennedys and Metallica and Exodus and stuff like that, then wanted to see their inspirations, and came across Led Zeppelin and all the other golden age groups and now if you hit shuffle on my ipod you'd come across Crossroad Blues b
  3. There's been a few good things in the 21st century, White Stripes, Queens of the Stoneage, Wolfmother, and some others, but I think the 2000's were pretty bad - and not just musically. The 90's however had a ton of great music, in the early years at least.
  4. I was almost there during the first part of the trip to Jupiter, but the last 30 minutes of the movie completely make up for it, one of my favorite movies now.
  5. And when they get a real Dead Kennedy's CD they're like "Whose this crazy guy singing???", Jello didn't want his songs put up in the game but he lost a lawsuit to the other members of the band. Random knowledge. I personally find guitar hero and other games to be horribly boring. If people want to find good music, they can in 5 minutes. I didn't use a video game to find Jimi Hendrix or Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd or the Beatles or the Dead Kennedy's or the Ramones or the Doors or the Who or any of that.
  6. I appreciate the Beatles for their studio albums (Sgt. Peppers, Revolver, etc.) and appreciate Led Zeppelin more as a live group, I don't think Led Zeppelin ever made a studio album anywhere near as good as Sgt. Peppers or some other Beatles albums but the Beatles never made anything as raw as a good live Led Zeppelin recording I love both the same.
  7. I've had two distinct Led Zeppelin dreams, the first I was in some Amazonian rain forest, just walking around, and I was wading through the water and came across the band. Bonzo was in the water with me playing the drums, and Plant was to the right on the hard ground, and Jimmy and JPJ could be heard talking/playing but weren't actually present. Bonzo started doing a solo and one of his sticks snapped in half and landed in the water and I picked it up for him (seemed kind of like some sign to play the drums, but I chose the guitar instead ) and then the dream shifted. A lot more happened in
  8. I always thought it was seventeen haha. this is a hard one,it goes blank for a second, but the pause makes me think its the longer of the two words, but then again after the mini pause it sounds like "ixteen", who knows i think it's sixteen now,
  9. It took me well over a minute to get that last one, then I bust out laughing, amazing thread!
  10. Haha, today my immigrant song went off in class, scared the hell out of me and I got funny looks,
  11. I didn't really like the last 3 (coda included), only song I like off any of the last 3 albums is Nobody's Fault But Mine, I'm kind of happy the band ended when they did (don't appreciate the circumstances, but I'm glad they didn't turn into the Rolling Stones if you know what I mean )
  12. shake for me girl i wanna be your backdoor man
  13. I saw these guys in Southern California, and I must say it was an excellent performance, I had an absolute blast. Check them out if you can.
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