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  1. Well I am planning on never getting married so I am not gonna have a wedding songs but if I do get married here are the songs. Wedding: Thank You, All My Love, D'Yer Mak'er, Whole Lotta Love, Celebration Day Funeral: Ramble On, When the Levee Breaks, Stairway to Heaven, The Battle of Evermore, That's the Way, Tangerine, Immigrant Song, The Rain Song
  2. Ratman9513

    Top Five?

    1. When the Levee Breaks 2. The Rover 3. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 4. Stairway to Heaven 5. Immigrant Song
  3. Hey Jimmy can I please have a replica of the dragon suit and a double neck guitar, please dude? What are all of your phone numbers? WHY DO YOU ROCK SO HARD? What does ZoSo mean? Jimmy how long did you practice each day? Can I have a copy of every thing you recorded and didn't release, please? Can you dudes teach me black magic? Did any of you sell your soul to the devil like Robert Johnson because if you did that would be so fucking hardcore I know thats more than three questions.
  4. Good Times Bad Times/Communication Breakdown Whole Lotta Love/Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman) Immigrant Song/Hey Hey What Can I Do Black Dog/Misty Mountain Hop Rock n Roll/Four Sticks Over the Hills and Far Away/Dancing Days D'Yer Mak'er/The Crunge Trampled Underfoot/Black Country Woman Candy Store Rock/Royal Orleans Fool in the Rain/Hot Dog
  5. My favorites are. 1. When the Levee Breaks 2. Black Dog 3. Rock N Roll 4. Bring It On Home 5. How Many More Times 6. Communication Breakdown 7. Dazed and Confused 8. Stairway to Heaven 9. Heartbreaker 10. Kashmir 11. Whole Lotta Love 12. Tangerine 13. Immigrant Song 14. Dancing Days 15. Celebration Day 16. Hot Dog 17. All My Love 18. Archilles Last Stand 19. Ozone Baby 20. Black Dog (TSRTS)
  6. I have every Led Zeppelin album and a lot of AC/DC albums. The ones I have are. '74 Jailbreak High Voltage Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Let There Be Rock Powerage If You Want Blood You've Got It Highway to Hell Back in Black For Those About to Rock We Salute You Flick of the Switch Fly on the Wall Blow Up Your Video The Razor's Edge Ballbreaker Stiff Upper Lip Black Ice I also have a AC/DC T-shirt and the Family Jewels DVD. I have the Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti CD which I gave to my dad because I got the Mini LP Replica Box Set for Christmas. I have a Led Zeppelin T-shirt. I have burned copies of Mothership and BBC Sessions. I also have the original Led Zeppelin I album on vinyl it's a rare version with different ink for the cover. I have 2 AC/DC vinyl records that are original ones Back in Black and For Those About to Rock We Salute You.
  7. my favorite member is jimmy page and my favorite song is when the levee breaks
  8. i can't really put them in any order but here they are johnny ramone jimmy page kurt cobain tony iommi jimi hendrix chuck berry randy rhoads kirk hammett pete townshend jerry garcia dimebag darrell slash duane allman
  9. 1. When the Levee Breaks 2. The Battle of Evermore 3. Black Dog 4. Rock N Roll 5. Stairway to Heaven 6. Going to California 7. Misty Mountain Hop 8. Four Sticks
  10. Otis Rush Muddy Waters Howlin' Wolf Elvis Presley Fairport Convention Chuck Berry Willie Dixon Sonny Boy Williamson The Rolling Stones The Beatles Robert Johnson
  11. Actually there were two more songs by Led Zeppelin about lord of the rings 1. Over the Hills and Far Away 2. Misty Mountain Hop
  12. GUITARS 1960 Fender Telcaster 1960 Gibson Les Paul 1959 Gibson Les Paul 1970 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top 1960 Gibson Les Paul Custom Gibson EDS-1275 Doubleneck Danelectro 3021 1964 Fender Stratocaster 1953 Botswana Brown B-Bender Telecaster 1966 Fender Telecaster 1960 Fender Stratocaster 1957 Fender Stratocaster 1965 Fender XII Martin D28 Gibson J-200 Harmony Sovereign H-1260 Giannini GWSCRA12P Craviola Gibson A2 Mandolin Fender 800 Pedal Steel Gibson RD Artist Vox 12 String AMPLIFIERS Rickenbacker Transonic Arbiter Power 100 Vox UL4120 Marshall PA Heads The Jimmy Page Signature Hiwatt Custom 100 Hiwatt Orange Matamp Univox UX-1501 Marshall 1959SLP – Super Heads The Supro Axis Vox AC30 Fender Super Reverb EFFECTS Solasound Tonebender MKII 3 Knob Tonebender Vox Grey Wah Vox King Wah Thomas Organ Crybaby Vox V846 Univox Unidrive Vox CO2 “Long Tom” Echo Binson Echorec Maestro Echoplex EP-2 Maestro Echoplex EP-3 MXR Phase 90 Sonicwave Theremin Eventide H949 Harmonizer MXR Blue Box Gizomontron CABINETS Rickenbacker Transonic Cabs Marshall 1982 Cabs “100s” Orange Cabs WEM Cabs Univox Cabs STRINGS & PICKS Ernie Ball Super Slinkys Herco Flex Picks TUNERS Conn ST-6 Strobo Tuner
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