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  1. ZepFanatic

    Robert Plants Voice Through The Zeppelin Years 1969-1980

    Oh, you're definitely right that in '75 his voice was killed by flu on the US tour and the inability to have time off to rest it...because he was much stronger at Earl's Court a few months later. Plus, he had secretly had throat surgery in 1974 (hence the raspiness of the newer tunes on PG compared to the older ones where he has the old range and power). I agree with you, he got stronger again after '75. Certainly more consistent.
  2. ZepFanatic

    Robert Plants Voice Through The Zeppelin Years 1969-1980

    For me, his range and power was best between 1970 and 1972, although I like his voice over the entirety of Zeppelin's career (although it was pretty damn rough on the 1975 US tour)
  3. ZepFanatic

    Do Stones's fans hate Zeppelin?

    The same could be said for Who fans...there seems to be a weird rivalry between those who only like the Who and those who only like Zeppelin (personally, I'm a massive fan of the Who, Zeppelin, AND the Stones so it's all good to me )
  4. ZepFanatic

    Best '73 North American Tour Show?

    For me, the best two shows of this tour are the Kezar Stadium show from 6/2/73 and the Mobile, AL show from 5/13/73...both are just stunning.
  5. ZepFanatic


    I just finally got around to reading and reviewing When Giants Walked the Earth...for all of its faults, I still think it's the best overall bio on the band. http://rnrchemist.blogspot.com/2014/06/book-review-when-giants-walked-earth.html The only bad part were the "imagined" bits in italics he peppered the book with. Otherwise, I thought it was quite good.
  6. Wow, it's been a LONG time since I've posted here (~3-4 years!). I'm guessing this is the right forum to post this in, but I've been doing freelance book reviews of music-related books on my site over the past year and I thought I'd share one I did on a Jimmy Page bio a while back: http://rnrchemist.blogspot.com/2013/12/book-review-jimmy-page-magus-musician.html Has anyone else here read this? And if so, what did you think? I will be reading and reviewing Mick Wall's LZ bio in the coming weeks which I'm looking forward to...I'll share that here once it's ready. Cheers!
  7. ZepFanatic

    Led Zeppelin: Rarely Seen Photos

    Pretty cool, hadn't seen many of those!
  8. ZepFanatic

    Earls court DVDs

    I have 'em both...crackin' vids!
  9. ZepFanatic

    BEST live song and WORST live song

    He did look horrid...also there seemed to be no *joy* onstage...contrast the Seattle '77 vid with one of the Earls Court vids or one from before...HUGE difference... Also, Dazed live was good but by '75 it was not a "jam" anymore, but a tightly structured piece played note-for-note night in and night out...it was retired just in time...
  10. ZepFanatic

    Favorite version of Listen to this Eddie

    Winston's remasters are all top-notch, but his Eddie is his finest hour...
  11. ZepFanatic

    Knebworth's "Whole Lotta Love"

    I should have said STUDIO albums...the newer releases (BBC, HTWWW) certainly do...
  12. ZepFanatic

    Knebworth's "Whole Lotta Love"

    Agreed, I don't have any LZ CDs that credit WLL w/Willie Dixon...
  13. ZepFanatic

    Video from 77 tour

    That's cos the "SBD" is actually sourced from the vid... However, coincidentally I am listening to the 7/17/77 show and enjoying it...my copy if "Year of the Dragon" by EV...
  14. ZepFanatic

    Dallas April 1 1977

    Agreed...I've corresponded with him a bunch and he seems like a good bloke but to keep telling us we're never gonna hear the BR '77 show is kind of aggravating at this point...
  15. ZepFanatic

    Japan Shows

    9/29/71...I have the version called "You Were There in Spirits"...SBD-quality sound and fucking PHENOMENAL performance...