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  1. You can tell it's a lot of sickness in his voice in '75, because the few times he's in good form he's amazing, just listen to 1975/02/06, he's on fire then! My favorite era is pretty much all but most of 73 and 75, love his late, Knebworth is great, his voice is pretty consistent in 1980 too, 1977 is a mixed bag of amazing and okay but overall really solid

    Oh, you're definitely right that in '75 his voice was killed by flu on the US tour and the inability to have time off to rest it...because he was much stronger at Earl's Court a few months later. Plus, he had secretly had throat surgery in 1974 (hence the raspiness of the newer tunes on PG compared to the older ones where he has the old range and power). I agree with you, he got stronger again after '75. Certainly more consistent.

  2. Wow, it's been a LONG time since I've posted here (~3-4 years!). I'm guessing this is the right forum to post this in, but I've been doing freelance book reviews of music-related books on my site over the past year and I thought I'd share one I did on a Jimmy Page bio a while back:


    Has anyone else here read this? And if so, what did you think?

    I will be reading and reviewing Mick Wall's LZ bio in the coming weeks which I'm looking forward to...I'll share that here once it's ready. Cheers!

  3. So I haven't been up to date on the bootleg front lately but I just checked UU and saw that apparently, an entire video source of the May 25th (and a new 24th video as well) show has come up in the last few years? And supposedly, the quality of it is awesome as well.

    Has anyone seen or own it?

    I have 'em both...crackin' vids!

  4. I honestly do not know if Jimmy would have been able to handle this tour. If Bonham hadn't had died I don't know if Page would have got off the smack before it was too late... I mean just look at him in pictures from the '77 and '80 tours. He looks like he has just been freed from Auschwitz.

    He did look horrid...also there seemed to be no *joy* onstage...contrast the Seattle '77 vid with one of the Earls Court vids or one from before...HUGE difference...

    Also, Dazed live was good but by '75 it was not a "jam" anymore, but a tightly structured piece played note-for-note night in and night out...it was retired just in time...

  5. IIRC the story behind Winston's version is brilliant: he by fluke stumbled across 1st generation tapes from the dude who sold Millard his blanks- apparently the guy and Mike the Mike worked out a deal where MTM got free blank tapes in exchange for copies of his shows. Good deal, eh?

    But I think the fact that Page himself used "TSRTS" from this recording on the DVD says it all...wonder how many different versions Jimmy has? :D From what I undertstand Winston has 'retired' but maybe Page and Shirley could bring him out of retirement..."Here, Andy, here's the archives- go nuts!"

    Winston's remasters are all top-notch, but his Eddie is his finest hour...

  6. Seattle in particular sounds pretty bad compared to other sbds recordings though from that tour (bad playing aside).

    That's cos the "SBD" is actually sourced from the vid...

    However, coincidentally I am listening to the 7/17/77 show and enjoying it...my copy if "Year of the Dragon" by EV...

  7. Very true...still, I find myself more and more convinced that the whole thing was an elaborate joke on Freezer's part. I do know this, though: just based on some of the decidedly 'heated' discussions over at the torrent site, Freezer has given out copies of Baton Rouge '77 -or at least his "Zeppelin Sampler" disc that has select cuts from all four of his Zeppelin recordings- to at least a couple of people, two or three years back. People who are friends of his, who had his back when things were getting heavy, that kind of thing. And these people aren't coughing up, either (probably because Freezer told them explicitly NOT to). That's the way it goes...

    Like I've said before, I like Freezer, and can understand where he's coming from, vis-a-vis his contempt for the bootleggers, but at the same time, his constant gloating about all his uncirculating recordings "that WE'LL never hear!" doesn't help matters much, either. Overall I'd say we'd've been much better off if we didn't know there was a guy out there hoarding two undoubtedly kick ass Zeppelin recordings...and, unfortunately, hoarded I think they will remain. C'est La Vie, I suppose.

    Agreed...I've corresponded with him a bunch and he seems like a good bloke but to keep telling us we're never gonna hear the BR '77 show is kind of aggravating at this point...

  8. Depends. Some AUD tapes (like the Millard tapes) have the balance of the SBDs but they "breathe" and have superb atmosphere...same with a tape like 6/25/72 LA or 4/28/77, for example. But unless an AUD is like that, I take SBDs every time...my (many) years of listening to crap quality boots is over...

  9. Longbeach 3/12/75. Not the best sounding recording, but the playing is unbelievable!

    No Quarter & OTHAFA are just devestating, my current favorite live versions.

    Yeah that is a fucking great show! I also love the Baton Rouge show 2/28/75...

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