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  1. Haha, for sure. But 1972 was the best mix of the jamming and the long acoustic set, the last tour where Robert had his high-flying shrieking voice and could sing songs like Black Dog, Stairway, and Over the Hills like on the albums...
  2. I still like Southampton better!
  3. Even though the show overall is spotty, the Seattle '77 one has one of the best solos ever!
  4. As much as I love Robert's voice, the obvious comparison in taking care of your voice is the singer from my other favorite band, The Who. Roger Daltrey stopped smoking, took a different car from the other guys (who all smoked) and stayed healthy...and didn't start to really lose it until relatively recently, from age...
  5. This boot is awesome, and while Thank You has never been one of my favorite songs, this version is the best!
  6. This is another fantastic new SBD...keep em coming, whoever is doing it!
  7. Great show, no doubt...and longest ever Dazed!
  8. Just got this boot...when I thought Led Zep SBDs couldn't get any better (the Landover '77 gigs, San Diego '75, Southampton '73, to name a few) this comes along and blows me mind!
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