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  1. This is only possible if it sticks to LED ZEPPELIN originals (or covers) as recorded on album...
  2. Not really...it was, definitively....
  3. Your avatar? I see nothing... And the same holds true for the Hendrix, Who, Cream, boots on WGV...I've had them on boot (in better quality) for years. Except for those two '73 Who shows which had NEVER been available in their entireties until WGV, nothing is new...
  4. I'm not saying *I* didn't like it, but I can see how it could get boring for a lot of people...and there are QUITE A FEW AUD boots where you can hear people in the crowd make comments about how long the solo trips were and to get on with a real song...
  5. ^That's a good point, and I suppose it could be the case with him. But he seems to love the early days and really detests (with exceptions) post-73...*shrug*
  6. It already has one...just not officially!
  7. Yeah that's a great site. I also have the Garden Tapes boot, which is all 3 NY shows in their unaltered states...I listen to those WAY more than I ever listen to the TSRTS album (which is never!)
  8. I haven't bought bootlegs since college..it's all been tape, then cd, and now internet... And as for Wolfgangs, the audio is definitely lossy...but those 2 Who shows I mentioned were so rare that they're still great (the sound is good and the shows kick ass)
  9. I'm going to see a favorite band of mine, ...And You Will Knows Us By the Trail Of Dead on March 1 in Boston...can't wait. They're newest album, which came out this past Tuesday, is fucking EPIC!
  10. ^Yeah, no kidding... I guess I never understood what Grant and Jimmy's huge beef with boots was...I'm trying to say this not as someone who has collected and enjoyed boots for years (which I am and have!) but as objective as possible. All it does is get the hardcore fans EVEN MORE into the band than they already are...what's the harm? The making-money-off-of-boots I agree is heinous, but the trading and sharing I would think it a great way to get the music out to more people...
  11. Yeah they are SBD...everything on WGV is from Bill Graham's acrhives so that's why he has SBDs of all of those bands I mentioned and more... I'm not sure if LZ would want to authorize these, but I don't know why they'd be so averse to them being up...they sound good. In interviews in the past Peter Grant and Jimmy said they hated boots because they sound like shit and aren't representative of how the band sounded, but these are good recordings...I dunno *shrugs*
  12. Absolutely. 30 min of NQ, 30 min of MB, 15-30 min of Jimmy's guitar wanking solo...the only tour that can compare to self-indulgence is 1975 with 45 min of D&C, 30 min of NQ, and 30 min of MB (especially putting MD and D&C back-to-back at the end of the set...not the best in pacing!)
  13. Dunno...after the initial fanfare, WGV hasn't updated with anything good in ages. Most of the stuff I would be interested in (Who, Zeppelin, Hendrix, etc) I've had on boots for years, although I did get two rare and newly complete Who shows off of there! (Philly '73 and DC '73), both of which kick ass!
  14. I've always thought there were certain songs LZ could have and should have played live that they never did...below are some of the ones I've always thought of: Custard Pie Houses of the Holy In the Light Good Times Bad Times (as a true, full version) The Rover Hots on For Nowhere Candy Store Rock I could go on...what does anyone else think?
  15. It's not even just that. Even if JPJ and Jason decide they don't wanna do anything "Zeppelin" related with Jimmy, NOTHING has stopped Jimmy from doing something on his own the last 10 years or so...he just seems so hung up on Zeppelin and the old days, while Robert seems to have never looked back...good for him!
  16. What I don't get is what's stopping Jimmy, JPJ, Jason, or any combination thereof from doing music? Jimmy especially...Zeppelin is done, OK, fine, get over it and DO SOMETHING if you want to, if not then let it die...
  17. The Who also toured Germany extensively in the mid 1960s as well as in 1972 and 1975, so it's not shocking they went. It's just odd the German crowds were so lame...not what I'd expect given the Germans I've known in person over the years!
  18. No kidding...look at him at Knebworth...all those lights AND the hot August nights in England!!
  19. I've been listening to the three tracks on Coda that were left off of this and I think adding those would have made ITTOD a super-strong album...especially Ozone Baby (although Plant's harmonizer at the end is *BAD*)...I love Darlene and Wearing and Tearing, too...getting back to what I said earlier, I think Darlene (especially) and Ozone Baby also fit the mood of the album art...sort of that down-and-out-but-some-moments-are-really-sweet mood from the cover...life may be sad but there are laughs to be had along the way, you know? That's the vibe I get from the cover...the contrast between the
  20. Agreed, and they never changed...1970, 1973, 1980...all the same, which is incredible given some of the scorching performances Zeppelin put on (1973 in particular!)
  21. I'm surprised about the dislike for Battle of Evermore in 1977...not perfect, no, but damn good and a real treat!
  22. Perhaps. I also think the shows were getting long and the crowds more unruly...they probably wanted to be done with the tour and chop out some filler, and let's face it, by 1977 Moby Dick was, with a few exceptions, filler. Plus they were legendary for starting the show 1-2 hours late, so your theory is probably correct as well!
  23. I love the song Swan Song...only Zeppelin can make acoustic guitar/bass/drums sound so heavy and epic!
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