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  1. I hope someday all of his Zep and Who shows see the light of day. He's like the Mike Millard of Louisiana!
  2. They are subpar, but I love the vids...subpar Zep is better than none at all! I have these complete Zep concerts on video: Earls Court 5/24 and 5/25 Seattle '77 Both Knebworth shows And I love them all...the Earls Court shows are by far the best, however!
  3. Hard to say what was better, 77 or 79/80...in 79 really only the 2nd Copenhagen show and the 1st Knebworth were really good...in 1980 they were all decent but some shows were excellent (the first 3 of the tour, Zurich...). Robert's voice was stronger in 1980, I feel, than for most of '77, but Page was even more erratic in 1980. However Page's stage presence was better in '79/'80...he seemed to be actually having fun, smiling, etc (watch the Knebworth vids)...in 1977 he was like a ghost up there, going through the physical motions with little or no expression... Tough call!
  4. I think the thing about US 1975 is the sets were very uniform and heavy...no dynamics. No quiet songs (they only played SIBLY 3 times on the tour), a lot of LONG songs (No Quarter, Dazed, Moby Dick, long STH versions) and the set only had 12 songs! 13-14 if they did encores. I have been digging 1975 more and more the more I relisten to the boots, but it was still very very heavy and plodding. Earls Court was better since they added the acoustic section back. 1977 could have been phenomenal if it weren't for Page's erraticness and the Zeppelin machinery eating them alive from the inside out
  5. I've always thought the music on the album matched the mood of the cover art...South Bound Saurez, Hot Dog, Fool In the Rain, I'm Gonna Crawl, etc...what do you all think?
  6. I'm pretty sure I'm right about this...I used to have the Japanese mini-LP reproductions of all the LZ albums and the insert for ITTOD was the same as you describe, the black outline. I'm almost positive when you dip in water, the writing on the "Dear John" letter becomes visible...not that you can read most of it since the dude burned it!
  7. Yep. A really great atmosphere on the recording as well...Mid-Feb through the end of the US tour was really good in 1975...I know a lot of people slag '75 but I quite like it!
  8. I believe if you look at the inside of the CD insert and the writing on the letter in the ashtray...it's the writing that became visible when the sheet was contacted with water (someone correct me if I am wrong)...
  9. I hope someday the '77 BR show sees the light of day...they were rounding into form by that stage of the tour (just prior to Houston and the Landover run) so it's probably a pretty damn good show!
  10. I like the twangy metallic-sounding mids and highs he got, but he had NO BOTTOM...contrast with John Entwistle and Geddy Lee, who had that trebly twang but a low end that could rattle your bowels...THAT'S what JPJ was missing 1977 to the end...
  11. I can see this...even by 1980 Jimmy hadn't cleaned up his act...the tour happened to be short enough that there weren't as many low-points overall as there were in 1977 as far as his erratic performances. However I am always shocked when I've read more recent interviews where he states he's proud of his work from that period and thinks the drugs didn't affect him at all...I'm always like "really?"
  12. Hey, I agree with you guys, I've always loved 1977, but I still say it wasn't their finest hour...even 1975 on the whole is better, although I love the setlists and # of songs in 1977 more (the standard 1975 set was 12 songs plus 1-2 encores!). For me it's Jimmy's wafer-thin guitar tone and the erraticness of his performance...he could go from brilliant to shit within the same song, let alone gig to gig. That being said I'm sure the overall experience of BEING THERE was way better than listening to it immortalized for all time on a bootleg...
  13. ^Agreed...LA '77 was the peak of the tour and they coulda gone out on top right there... I do have to say that Bonzo's horrific performance in San Diego on 6/19/77 was pretty dire as well. I love the 1977 tour...the setlists are great and they were still really trying. But by the end they were running on fumes. Watching Seattle 1977 is almost sad (although Stairway from that show is incredible...what a solo from Jimmy!). Jimmy is a shadow of his former self and even Bonham looks bored. I do find his drumming got a lot more linear and boring. If you listen to Achilles from some of the
  14. I *do* think '77 was better than '79/'80, if not for the fact that Jimmy's playing, while erratic, still had a lot of the old magic. While I agree the Copenhagen 2nd night and the 1st Knebworth were good, overall in 1979 and especially in 1980 his well had run dry...just listen to the dreadful White Summer or how he couldn't even play the excrutiatingly simplistic lines in Hot Dog and All My Love... In 1977 his tone sounded like shit, and I'm not a HUGE fan of Jones' bass tone (he lost all his bottom end with the Alembic) but overall Plant was still into it. After Karac died I honestly th
  15. Rats the size of small dogs? Remind me to NEVER go there...
  16. ^Yeah and in Tempe they only played a few bars of BMS before launching into Kashmir, Bonham left the stage before the end of STH...and the Oakland shows, while I think they are *OK* are certainly not great and the vibes, on stage and in the crowd, are baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad...
  17. I love the 1977 tour as well but their finest moment it wasn't...
  18. Yes I love those two bits as well. I always took the "we're in trouble" to mean he had issues with the recorder but perhaps Cole and Grant saw him? Yeah the "learn how to play guitar" comment is pretty damn funny, especially since this is one of the 5 best shows of the 1977 tour where Jimmy COULD play the guitar! Yeah the dope who yells for Heartbreaker on 6/21 is also probably the same moron who keeps yelling about "his Elvis t-shirt" and "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" on 6/25!
  19. ^^The band were in such bad shape mentally and physically when the third leg started in Seattle maybe after that night they just said, "fuck it let's mail in the rest of this tour" and cut it to shorten the sets...the bad vibes in 1977 were there all the way through but became almost overwhelming by the end...
  20. The repeated "Oh fuck!" by the taper are kind of annoying especially because they sound more like he's saying it just to say it than it's directed at any specific thing. I get a kick out of the guy near the recorder who tells his buddy the name of every song that's coming up...he seems to know the setlist quite well...he anticipates quite a few of the tunes...he obviously has seen Zeppelin before!
  21. Fantastic analysis and I have to say I agree with you. Plant couldn't have cared less about Zeppelin after 1977 and so in a way it's good the band ended when it did, although not HOW it did. Also given Page's sharp decline, this was a good thing...was he *really* in shape for another massive US Tour in 1980/81? I liken Page to a star athlete who was great as a rookie (1968-1971), hit his peak/prime (1972-1973), had an excellent plateau period (1975), and then hit a sharp decline/major injury where he could still have flashes of the old glory (1977) to the over-the-hill athlete with one or t
  22. ^^^100% well said...I agree with you. A lot of his florid language is typical of the times...a lot of fancy verbiage with no meaning behind it (sort of sounds like our current president giving speeches...hmmmm.....)... He really dislikes post-1973 Zep live which colors all of the reviews...when he does review the good shows from the latter days it's almost as if he's telling us he found a diamond in a turd-pile... And I agree his lack of being a musician (and especially since I am one, it makes it even more obvious) is on display with some of his terminology ("trashed guitar"? huh?)
  23. Nope. This has long been one of the holy-grails of Zep collectors...
  24. I've seen some pics from Landover where he wore white...perhaps he wore both suits (they did play 4 shows there, after all...)
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