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  1. Upon further review, there was no dislike between Allman Brothers and Zep..... From NY Post 4/22/09 DICKEY Betts -- the legendary guitarist who had a bitter divorce from the Allman Brothers Band in 2000 -- didn't like what the band's drummer, Butch Trucks, said recently about the late Duane Allman. Trucks told Relix magazine that Allman reacted badly when he saw Led Zeppelin for the first time with Robert Plant prancing about the stage in velvet pants. "We were all looking at each other, [like] 'What the [bleep] is this?' . . . Duane got up and said, 'I'm either going to go up there and kick the [bleep] out of that guy or we're leaving.' And we all got up and left. It just infuriated Duane. He was so let down by one of his gods." But Betts tells Page Six, "I know Duane didn't feel that way and never said that. We loved [Jimmy] Page and those guys. It's ludicrous. And it's not fair to Duane Allman, who has passed away and can't speak for himself. He had his velvet pants himself." Betts -- who's touring this summer with his band, Great Southern -- said he called us because he doesn't want the world to think Duane was "narrow-minded and edgy . . . I wanted to stand up for my brother."
  2. From today's Wall Street Journal Hard Rock Park, a 140-acre theme park in Myrtle Beach SC, opened with great fafare last April, hoping to lure tourists with a penchant for roller coasters and Led Zeppelin. Now, though, despite four years in development and two years in construction, the $400 million attraction is unplugging just nine months after opneing. Yesterday a Delaware bankrucptcy judge approved the company's request to begin liquidating what was billed as the world's first rock 'n' roll theme park and the single largest tourism investment in South Carolina history. The Parks's marquee attraction was Led Zeppelin's The Ride, a state of the art corkscrew roller coaster developed in conjunction with members of the legendary foursome
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